I am 60% finished with my Clinical Aromatherapy certification, 80% done with my French Aromatherapy certification and I’m putting it aside for the forseeable future.

Yes, you heard that right.  I am stopping my training right now.

Like, pack away the notes, log out of the website, stopping.

Why is that?

Not because the information isn’t valuable.  It’s very valuable.

Not because what I’m learning isn’t helpful.  It’s incredibly helpful.

Not because my image wouldn’t be improved by it.  Plenty of people would give me “more respect” because of that little piece of paper.

I’m putting it aside because it is a distraction.

What do you mean a distraction?

You heard me right, a distraction.

I mean that my purpose is to help as many families find health freedom that I can.  I want to liberate as many homes from harsh synthetic chemicals as possible.  I know that every conventional product that you swap for a genuine essential oil or essential oil based product could remove many harsh chemicals from your home.  And as you ditch more and more products, that can add up really fast.

My purpose isn’t to take the place of your doctor.  My purpose isn’t to help you cure some disease or treat an illness.  If I did that I would be hurting you.  I’d be taking the power you have to own your health away from you.

My passion and my purpose are to empower you.

To help you be confident.

To show you that you can live a healthy lifestyle.

To give you the hope that you are more than enough to understand it all with some effort.

Because I’m just going to tell it to you straight.

You can learn anything you need to know about essential oil

  • uses
  • recipes
  • protocols
  • chemistry
  • growing requirements
  • distillation

and so much more.  Yes, you can find that information and empower yourself.  It’s what I did, and all the same resources are there for you to dig into.  You don’t need a couple thousand dollars worth of training to get that information.

You didn’t ask the friend who recommended that fantastic movie to you to show you which film school they attended.

You didn’t ask your friend who told you about their favorite restaurant where they went to culinary school.

You don’t care what sort of in-depth coffee theory training the coffee shop barista had before they made your coffee.  Your barista also probably doesn’t have the quality check documents available to show you or the lab tests to interpret either.

Ultimately, it’s the reason we all read the reviews for products on Amazon.  We want to know what actual people, just like us have experienced.

If we wanted to get an aromatherapist’s opinion, we’d go look for an aromatherapist.  But not a single person who has shared their essential oil wins with me has ever said: “But I think it would have been better if you were an aromatherapist.”

Do you know who cares whether I am an aromatherapist?

Other aromatherapists.  That’s pretty much it.

And you know what?  I’m not here to reach aromatherapists.  They’re already “in the lifeboat” so to speak.  They already “get” the healthy lifestyle.

I’m here to reach people who are in the place I was in 2012.  

  • Struggling with not knowing where to start.
  • Wishing someone could answer my questions in in plain English.
  • Wanting to know what the best choices were.
  • Needing to be told that there was something that I could do to remove harsh chemicals from our home.
  • Desiring someone to come along side me and show me I could do things to help my family.

I am literally just over here trying to show as many people as I can how to get into this lifeboat of chemical-free living.

I don’t have to be a lifeboat construction and maintenance specialist to show you how to get into the lifeboat.

I just need to show you that the lifeboat is there.  It’s your decision to get in or not.

But enough about me.

Because ultimately this is more about you.

You who have doubted your abilities because someone shared an article bashing people “like us”.  You know, people who love our essential oils and dare to share them with friends.

You who have let the naysayers quiet your love for other people because you don’t have a “paper”.

You who have lived in mortal fear of someone sharing an article on your timeline that tears you down or that you don’t know the answer for.

You who have loved people and wanted to share what you’ve found with them.

You who have had successes with your own family and know that it works.

You who have read book after book and educated yourself

You are enough.

You can reach people in a way that a professional never could.  You have more power and clout, and dare I say responsibility than you even realize.

Don’t surrender that amazing influence by allowing second thoughts or doubts about your adequacy take up any space in your head.

You are responsible enough to make sure you only share safe information.

You are bold enough to make sure you share with those who need to know.

You are smart enough to track down the answers to your questions.

You are respected enough to inform those closest to you about the amazing things you’ve learned.

You are compassionate enough to know that people need to have hope and that you can bring that to them.

You are enough.

And you (and I) don’t need to be an aromatherapist to change the world.  Just help the ones you love to find the lifeboat.

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