I am always on the hunt for any fun winter kids craft idea that don’t include glitter (can I get an amen on that?).  Once the weather turns yucky outside it seems like my kids’ energy level shoots through the roof and so we’ve got to have some fun projects for them to work on.

The weather has already turned snowy where we live, but our snow blows very hard and is definitely too dry to pack, so when my kids started to beg to build a snowman, I decided to do the next best thing, create a snow scene indoors!

winter kids craft idea

It’s definitely a nice bonus that there are no snowy clothes to dry out and boots to keep from tracking snow around the house!  Just good, mess-free fun!

Check out how we decided to do a “snow drawing” experiment without snow!

It’s a very simple project but a lot of fun!

Fun Winter Kids Craft Idea: Snow Drawing!

Here is what you need:

A few things we found:

  • Darker construction paper works best since the chalk is pretty light and hard to see on lighter papers.
  • If you want, using colored chalk (like re-purposing last summer’s sidewalk chalk might be fun) adds a different twist and may work on lighter colored papers if the colors are bright.
chalk drawing

Some fun drawings, the one on top by my son, and the one on bottom, by me!

  • Let your imaginations go wild!  I even enjoyed drawing a fun snow scene with white chalk on blue paper, so enjoy sitting down and connecting with the kids!  Sometimes I get too into my “adult” world and I forget how enjoyable it can be to create just for the sake of being creative!  So go ahead, let loose and make something fun, even if you aren’t artistic!
  • Don’t have enough room on your fridge?  Drop a picture or two in the mail to grandma, an aunt, uncle, or special friend!  Sometimes a piece of artwork from a favorite child is the perfect thing to brighten up someone’s day.

So go ahead and enjoy making some fun winter scenes as a family!

Have you ever tried drawing with chalks?  What did you make?  Do you have any fun ideas to share?  Comment below!