Maybe you have been like me, tired, overweight and run down, with no hope you could ever make it better.  Maybe you’ve tried the shakes, the points, the boxed meals, and the meetings, all with the same minimal results and feelings of failure.

Finding Trim Healthy Mama

Can I raise my hand tell you that is me to a T?  Well, it was me to a T.  I was ten months-postpartum with my second child and frankly disgusted with myself and my complete inability to lose weight when I found out about Trim Healthy Mama.

Three or four of my online friends had started the plan and were singing its praises on Facebook, and since I had failed at every other attempt to help myself using food, I held off and watched them for several months before I decided to give it a chance.

A year later I was 40 lbs slimmer, emotionally balanced, full of energy, and very thankful for what I had learned, and how my body had changed.  I learned many important lessons from Trim Healthy Mama, that were almost more important than the weight loss.

Once I got to my goal weight I started to allow myself to stray further from the Trim Healthy Mama and as life “got in the way” I started to give myself excuses to make less-optimal food choices.  I’ve noticed a difference in how I feel now, and I want to go back to how I felt when I was following the Trim Healthy way of eating.Why I am Returning to Trim Healthy Mama

So, I don’t need to lose weight, but I do want to feel good, and there were four major things that I learned when I was on Trim Healthy Mama the first time that has me coming back now.

Would it be ok for me to share them with you?  GREAT!

1.  My blood sugar levels directly affect my emotions.

Moodiness, impatience, frustration, negativity, negative-self talk were a daily part of my life.  I honestly wasn’t sure why I felt so bad, and I wondered if was possibly having trouble with hormones, but I didn’t know where to start.

One of the first things that I noticed was that my moods started to even out.  I started to feel more positive, motivated and have more energy.  The more energy and positive moods, the more I got done, which turned into a positive snowball effect of feeling better!  My whole family noticed, especially my husband!

One of the major benefits and principles of Trim Healthy Mama is keeping your blood sugars steady so that you avoid the huge spikes and drops that happen with typical American diet.

Based on how much emotionally more even I felt, I knew that my earlier self had been on a blood sugar roller coaster, and I didn’t want to get back on.

2.  I wasn’t eating enough protein.

Protein is an integral part of a healthy balanced diet, but when I started to change the way I paid attention to my food, and make a  proactive effort to have a certain amount of protein in each meal or snack, I found that most of my diet had been a lot of carbohydrates!

When I took an inventory of what I had eaten, there was a lot of bread, cookies, large amounts of fruit, and maybe a bit of meat at one or two meals.   Toast for breakfast with coffee and creamer, a sandwich at lunch with some juice, and a dinner with a side of potato and a small portion of meat.  Over the course of the day I wasn’t balancing my food intake with blood sugar stabilizing protein, and I was fluctuating all over the place.

I’d hit the 2 pm slump, and instead of reaching for a protein rich snack, I’d drink another sweetened coffee, and grab a “treat” of some sort to get myself through the afternoon.  At no point was I balancing those empty foods with protein to anchor my blood sugar balance to.

3.  I am worth taking care of.

Feeling un-well is absolutely devastating.  I always felt fat, and unattractive, and unpleasant, and because I felt that way I couldn’t believe that I was anything other than those terrible names that I was calling myself.

I didn’t see that I was a slave to my bad food choices, and that I just needed a chance to break out of the blood sugar hell that I had been in for most of my life.  It took getting desperate for me to see the person that I truly was and am.

Once I started to feel better I started to see how I had shortchanged myself by not taking good care of myself.  I would have never cared for another person the way I “cared” for myself.

I also started to see how I had sold my family short by sacrificing myself “for them”.

Grabbing a quick meal so that I could do “one more thing”, and not taking the time to eat wisely was turning our home, and family, into a never-ending cycle of stress and frustration, in large part because I wasn’t able to pour into my family.  I was emotionally and physically drained with nothing to give.

I also found that making better food choices and balancing my blood sugar reduced my overall pain levels, which made it easier to take care of myself.  I have had varying levels of chronic pain in my back for since a college car accident, and while I do manage it fairly well with chiropractic and alternative remedies, I never completely was free of it until I stabilized on Trim Healthy Mama.

When I am on plan, my overall inflammation and pain is greatly reduced, and reduced pain makes it much easier to take care of myself.

4.  There is freedom in being gracious to myself.

Once I started down the road of helping my body with Trim Healthy Mama from time to time would get upset over how I had eaten before  I knew about the plan and the trouble that it had caused my body.  Any time I would “make a mistake” and eat “off plan” I would be super hard on myself and tell myself I was a failure.  It was my old patterns of punishing myself, and holding myself to an impossibly perfect standard.

But as time went by I started to realize that I couldn’t have known what I was doing to my body until I learned…in other words I couldn’t hold myself responsible for what I didn’t know at the time.  And when I was on the plan, I had to remind myself that I could always make the right choice the next time, and just because I had eaten poorly once didn’t mean I had to continue eating that way.  One meal at a time, one good choice at a time, and I could always get back on track.

It was grace based eating.

Where I am now

It has been three years since I started Trim Healthy Mama, and once I experienced the 40 pound weight loss and emotional renewal during that first year I knew that it would forever be a way that I would want to eat.

Since I had reached my goal weight, I didn’t feel like I needed to stick to the plan strictly and so I allowed myself to eat off plan (but without the dependence on carbohydrate rich foods that I had before).  Over time I felt mostly fine, but I began to notice that it was not as good as I had felt when I followed the plan closely.

That’s why I am sharing this post with you.  I don’t need to lose weight at this time, but I do want the other benefits of the Trim Healthy Mama plan.  It’s about a well-balanced and healthy approach to food, and that has always been my goal.  And since my goal of health hasn’t changed, I am ready to get back to food that makes me feel good in the long run, not just the short run.

Will I be as strict as I was when I was trying to lose weight?  No.

But I will take the freedom that this plan gives me to feel good, and enjoy the foods that will build my body and not tear it down.

What about you?

Maybe you feel like you are ready for a change.  If you are ready to start enjoying food without, and making choices that build your body. Trim Healthy Mama is a great place to start!

There are some wonderful Facebook groups that give a good picture of what the plan is like, and all the delicious recipes that you will enjoy.  These groups are great places to ask questions and learn more, but if you are ready to actually start the Trim Healthy plan, you’ll really need the book and the recipes (they are separate) to get the most out of it.

The plan needs explaining, and I love the convenience of having it on hand to reference and make notes in all the time.

The recipes are DELICIOUS and while you can find many recipes on the internet, the book recipes are hands down consistently good.

It is completely doable to follow the plan without getting any special groceries, but can I level with you?  If you love treats, you can actually have some on this plan that don’t mess with your body or blood sugar, so I highly recommend at least some on-plan sweetener and the plan baking mix.  A few special items will make it easier to stay on and enjoy the plan.

And I am ready, ready to go back to feeling balanced.  I am ready to feel energetic and enjoy my food without guilt.  I am ready to bring my blood sugars back under control.   I am ready to come back to Trim Healthy Mama.