THM MIM WO MicrowaveIf you have a microwave, I’m not going to get all  JudgyMcJudgerson on you, so don’t worry.  You can enjoy your muffins in a mug, I know I did all the time while we had a micro. This tip might help you too if you ever just wanted to change it up.

Once we didn’t have a microwave anymore I struggled to find a way to make my standby Muffin in Mug. (Want the recipe(s)? Totally check out the book Trim Healthy Mama, this book changed my life).

I tried all the tweaks to make it in the oven, or a toaster oven, and it always took WAY too long, and never turned out nice.  It sortof defeated the purpose of Muffin In a Mug which was quick craving bashing.

Now, I will be the first person to admit, this is not my original idea, I read it somewhere a long time ago and just never got around to testing it out until just now.  WHY. DID. I. WAIT. SO. LONG?  (And original idea creator, if I knew who you were, I’d hug you.)

For Real.

I’ve strung you along too long now. You want one, don’t you?

Use a waffle iron. 

(I think I just screamed at you in internet, sorry!)

Delicious, fluffy muffin in a mug in mere minutes like the original.  No microwave.  YUM!  It will take up two sections of the waffle iron if you have a rectangular iron.  If you have a round one, just put it on the very center.  Just prepare the recipe as normal and use the waffle iron to get it the rest of the way.  Simple, delicious!

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