I can hardly believe that we’re in the Holiday shopping season already, but here we are all the same!

I know that we’ve all had quite a challenging year, and maybe this season we could use a little help coming up with some creative gift ideas for our essential oil using friends and family.

So I sat down and dug into my stash to find my favorite recommendations and came up with my top 20 gifts for essential oil users.

So without further ado, and in no particular order, here are my top picks!

1. Essential Oil T-Shirts, Bags, and Mugs

The Essential Family Apparel is a new designer in the oil-wear space and I love everything…in large part because I designed it all!

There are designs for every oiler on your list, from the oil enthusiast to the essential oil seller.   There is a lot to choose from in tons of colors and sizes.

Some of the designs are funny, others are meant to spark conversation with people you are talking to in daily life.    They are so cute you may even be tempted to pick something up for yourself, too!

2. Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace

Some of my favorite pieces of jewelry are diffuser necklaces. They come in so many shapes, sizes and colors that I have several options in a variety of styles.

I love that I can wear my favorite essential oil and have it close at hand all day, every day. It is discrete enough to wear even around people who may not love oils, and yet you can smell your oil all day with just a few drops.

Get the essential oil diffuser necklace HERE.


3. Glass Bottles and Rollers for their DIY Projects

When you’ve fallen in love with oils you need supplies for your oily creations. That means lots and lots of glass bottles in different sizes, labels, rollers, bottle cleaners and all sorts of little accessories.

I love this selection because it has all of the above and is a really good price!

It has a variety of spray bottles in different sizes, roller bottles, roller ball removal tool, bottle cleaning brushes, a funnel, and labels all for the DIY loving oily friend.

Get the glass package HERE


4. Oils + Glass Recipe Book

This is one of my all time favorite essential oil DIY recipe books. It has ideas of projects to make for your health, personal care.

There are things you can make for adults, babies, and kids. Tons of ideas that will keep your essential oil loving friend happy and healthy!

Grab the Oils + Glass Book HERE


5. Wool Dryer Balls

Wool dryer balls are one of my favorite gifts for essential oil users because they are super useful, and typically they are very appreciated!

Many times essential oil users are also trying to reduce chemicals in their daily lives, and wool dryer balls let them use their essential oils to scent their laundry  instead of dryer sheets, and even can soften clothes and reduce drying time. 

Get the Dryer Balls HERE


6.  An Extra Essential Oil Diffuser

If there is one perfect gift for an essential oil user it is a diffuser.   I have yet to have enough diffusers, and often buy new ones just because of their cute factor.   I also know that I am not alone in impulse buying diffusers.

Chances are really good that your friend will be very thrilled to have another one to add to their collection.   And the great news is that most diffusers are actually very affordable gifts!

Grab an extra diffuser HERE


7.  A Cute Essential Oil Storage Box

A couple of years ago I bought pretty oil storage boxes for all my oily friends and they loved them!  Not only that, but one of my favorite gifts from my husband was an essential oil storage box.

Honestly, the longer you use oils, the more creative ways you try to store them.   A cute box is both practical and fun, so it is a great gift for the oiler in your life.

Grab the essential oil storage box HERE


8.  An Essential Oil Wall Rack

I bought this exact wall rack for myself several years ago and I got tons of compliments on it from my oil-loving friends.  It holds a ton of bottles and keeps their oils where they can see them.

It looks amazing with oils arranged in rainbow order (which is what I do) or however they like.   Of all of the available options this one is pretty much one of the favorites for the serious oil user.

Get the essential oil wall rack HERE


9.  Travel Oil Bag for Purse or Diaper Bag

It is super necessary to have a convenient way to carry oils with you on the go, and having a bag dedicated to just oils makes it easy to move your on the go oils between purses and bags.   Keeping them contained in a cute bag means they’ll never lose an oil and they are easy to find right when they need them.

Pick a bag that fits all bottle sizes from 5 ml, 15 ml, to 10 ml rollers.   They’ll say thank you!

Get a travel oil bag HERE

10.  Diffuser Earrings

My aromatherapy earrings are some of my favorite pieces of jewelry, and most of my oily friends have a collection of diffuser earrings.

These are so cute, with the beads and the lava stone.   They are sure to make your oily friend very happy while giving them another way to enjoy their oils throughout the day!



11.  Printable Essential Oil Organizer Pages Pack

What do you get for the oiler who has everything?   An essential oil planner of course!

This digital download has 7 different pages designed to be printed at home and organized into their very own planner.   It contains:

  • Oil Inventory Organizer Page
  • Oil Recipe Card Page template
  • Essential Oil Result Tracker
  • An Oily Routine Schedule
  • DIY Recipe Card Page template
  • Wish List
  • Note Page template

It’s an easy gift idea for a last minute gift, just download it right away after you purchase and then send it in an email with your gift message to a friend!  You’ll want to buy a copy for all the oilers on your gift list.

12.  Travel Car Diffuser

The first thing a serious essential oiler packs for any road trip is their travel diffuser.   That’s why a USB car diffuser is a great option for an oil loving friend!

Whether it is for diffusing oils to help them stay awake or oils to help their passengers chill the heck out, they’ll be super thankful for you thinking of them.

Get a car travel diffuser HERE

13.  Pretty Roller Bottles

There is nothing better than a pretty roller bottle.   At least that is what I think!   And a set of pretty roller bottles is almost guaranteed to please.

There are so many beautiful options to choose from, but this one is a favorite because of the elegant simplicity of the wood tones and line drawings.   So nice!

Pick the roller bottles up HERE


14.  Silicone Roller Bottle Keychain Holder

These keychain roller bottle holders are just too handy!   The silicone sleeve keeps their precious oil bottles from damage all while keeping them nearby for easy use.

Don’t want to keep them on a keychain?   The silicone sleeve lets you attach the holder to zipper pulls, toggles, wherever makes the most sense.

Get the keychain bottle holders HERE

15. Glass Water Bottle

Tackle hydrating in style.   A cute glass water bottle is perfect for drinking their daily water infused with Vitality essential oils for flavor and benefits.

These water bottles are a favorite because they have a wide range of colors for the silicone sleeve and the unique bamboo lid makes a super special gift.

Pick up a glass water bottle HERE


16.  Essential Oil Answer Book:  Your Answer to 75 Oil Related Questions

Have a super researching friend?  This book is perfect for them.    I have to admit, I’m that sort of person and this book is one of my all time favorites in my oily library.   

As much as I love my DIY and reference books, I also crave answers to the tough questions about how oils work, oil safety, and 73 other hot topics.  This is perfect for your super brainy friend.

Get an Answer Book for them HERE


17.  Roller and Spray Bottle Labels

Add a little touch of elegance to the practical task of labeling oily creations.   If you’re giving a glass pack or oily roller set, these glass labels are a perfect small gift.

They can keep their oily creations organized by use in style.

Grab the bottle labels HERE


18.  Personal Inhaler Set

Most personal inhalers are made of cheap plastic, but these stylish personal inhalers are made of glass and aluminum.  They are also reusable so that your friend can keep carrying their oils with them and refill as they want over and over.

Personal inhalers are the perfect gift for the oiler who wants to use oils discretely on the go.

You can grab the personal inhaler set HERE

19.  Mini Essential Oil “Perfume” Sprayers

These little perfume sprayers are the right choice for essential oil based personal fragrance.   Either give them to your friend so they can make a personal fragrance spray or make a favorite spray and gift it to them.

Unlike most spray bottles, these are specifically designed to atomize the liquid to make them fine enough to spread fragrance over their skin without leaving large droplets.

Get the perfume sprayers HERE


20.  Essential Oil Travel Case

Unlike an essential oil organizer box, this hard sized essential oil case is perfect for taking larger amounts of oils on longer trips.   The handle makes it easy to carry, and the hard sided case protects up to 70 bottles of oily goodness.

It also comes with some extra bottle top labels and a special tool to help you remove the orifice reducers and roller bottles that are often hard to remove.

Grab the essential oil travel case HERE


What oil related gift did I miss?   Let me know in the comments so I can add some bonus recommendations!

And now you have 20 great ideas to get started on shopping for your oily friends and family.    If you follow these recommendations you’ll be sure to get them a gift that they will love.    And honestly, if you are oily and you are looking for something fun to make your oil journey a little more easy or fun, these recommendations are perfect for shopping for yourself.   I promise, we’ll keep it between you and me. *GRIN*