Source Documentation


For those who have requested my source documentation that I used in my decision making process, I have it referenced by section below with links to the respective information:

Time on the Market:

Product/Method Similarity Comparisons:

Variety/Oils offered:

This was determined by doing a product count scrolling through pages.  I’ll link the start page for each company.

  • Single Oils:  Young Living     doTerra

  • EO Blends:  Young Living     doTerra

 Cost Difference:

Using the links mentioned in the above section I took a representative sample of a few oils (which I will do below) and compared them at full retail and at wholesale discount.  YL offers 24% off retail for wholesale accounts, and doTerra offers 25% off retail for wholesale accounts.  For simplicity, I will show simply the retail. (this was done in 2012, so times and prices have changed).

  • Lemon EO:  Young Living (15ml)–$14.80   doTerra (15ml)–$13.33      Cost difference:  $1.47  doTerra is less expensive

  • Thieves EO Blend (15ml–YL)–$44.41    OnGuard EO Blend (15ml–DT)–$42.67    Cost difference: $1.74 doTerra is less expensive

  • Valor EO Blend (15ml–YL)–$28.62   Balance EO Blend (15ml–DT)–$26.67  Cost difference: $1.95 doTerra is less expensive

  • Eucalyptus Radiata:  Young Living (15ml)–$24.34  doTerra (15ml)–$18.67  Cost difference: $5.67 doTerra is less expensive

 Marketing/Nature of CPTG Trademark:

  • doTerra CPTG page on website  (2012)

  • When you view the screenshot linked above pay attention to their  disclosure at the very bottom of the page in very small print which explains that this phrase does not imply any outside governing body’s certification or approval.

Quality Control:

Young Living

  • Farms/Distilleries (explains farming operations and provides links to individual pages per farm)

  • Quality Information (explains extent of involvement in source material grown/distillation, types of testing done)


Lawsuits Source Text: (for Exodus section)

  1. Young Living vs. doTerra–Filed June 19, 2013

  2. doTerra vs. Young Living–Filed June 18, 2013

Legal Update from October 16, 2014

Contrary to some incorrect claims that the Utah courts tossed out the entirety of Young Living’s Lawsuit against doTerra, the majority of the lawsuit was given the ok to proceed.

In fact the items that were dismissed were NOT dismissed because the claims were found to be groundless, but because they were not filed within the statute of limitations for those sorts of activities.  In fact, the court interpretation can be found in the following link.  (You may find the original document here explaining the changes in the case)

Interestingly, doTerra released this press release implying that the matter was settled. According to the above linked Young Living document, Young Living is continuing to pursue the remaining portions of the lawsuit that were not deemed to be outside the statute of limitations.

Hope this provides you with the information that you need!