It’s the season to be outdoors!   We recently moved and have been really enjoying the country.

But with the country, and the mountains, and tall grass come many different annoyances.

Yes, I could definitely grab a commercial solution to take care of it, but I don’t want to put those kinds of chemicals all over myself and my kids.

Outdoor Essential Oil Spray

Hot summer evenings outside are best enjoyed annoyance-free. Check out this awesome-smelling outside spray that will keep your evenings much more enjoyable.



  • 2 oz Witch Hazel (I like Thayers)
  • 2 oz distilled water
  • 20 drops Thieves Essential Oil
  • 20 drops Lemon Essential Oil
  • 20 drops Rosemary Essential Oil
  • 20 drops Citronella Essential Oil

Mix together in a 4oz spray bottle.

Shake well before spraying on any areas of your skin you’d like to cover.  

This also could be a really great diffuser blend for your back porch or camper.   Try 2 drops of each, instead of 20.

NOTE: Because this blend includes Lemon it can cause some temporary sensitivity to UV light.   So, to get around that, just spray on areas covered by clothing, or you could simply just leave the lemon out.

Technically the amount of lemon is very low, and shouldn’t be at high enough concentration to have any issue, but you may want to be careful if you find that citrus oils cause you sensitivity.

Soothing Stick

If you forget to apply your outdoor essential oil spray, don’t worry. I have a solution for you! This is perfect for the kids, and I send one with my kids to camp every single year.



  • 5 drops Lavender Essential Oil
  • 5 drops *Purification Essential Oil
  • 3 drops *Peppermint Essential Oil

Combine in a 10 ml roller bottle and fill to the top with your favorite carrier oil.

You can apply this soothing stick roll-on to anywhere you think needs it as often as you would like.  The skin really loves these oils!

NOTE: *Leave the Peppermint and Purification out of this recipe if using on children 2 years old or younger.

But what do you do if you’ve been out in the sun?

Honestly, this was one of my very first DIY recipes and it has worked so well for us that I thought I should mention it here for you.

My daughter loves my Aloe Vera After Sun Gel.   It is so cooling and comforting on her skin after she’s been in the pool or running around all day in the heat and sun. 

Best of all, it only has three simple ingredients!

How about you?

Are you a camper or a glamper?  Would you rather be hiking or poolside?


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