I make a lot of Thieves wipes for cleaning.   I mean, a lot!   And it saves me tons of money.

A couple of years ago I was at a conference when I first heard about this pretty awesome container called the OmniWipe.   It was pretty sweet!   I mean, I’d tried to make wipes before but they always seemed to dry out.   This OmniWipe container promised to keep that from happening, and since I always enjoy saving a buck when it comes to home necessities, I though “why not?”

So I took the plunge.   And it paid off!   I love it and now, instead of buying those chemical filled store bought wipes, I make my own and save!

Less money spent on cleaning means more money available for that next Outlander book.   Since these wipes make most cleanup jobs fast, that means I’ve got more reading time, too.  There is no downside from where I’m sitting….reading….ha ha ha!

We use these wipes to:

  • clean the bathroom (toilets, sink, handles, knobs, and switches)
  • clean the kitchen (tabletop, counters, fixtures, appliance fronts, and trash can)
  • clean lightswitches, doorknobs, and spot cleaning visible dirt around the house

And anything else my kids decide to cook up.  Oh, and since these are made with plant based ingredients, it’s totally cool for my kids to use them.  Score one for Mom!

It is so easy to make these wipes, let me show you!

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Here’s what you need:

Watch the video for the How-To:

So tell me, do you make your own cleaning wipes?   What other cleaning products do you DIY?

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