How to make an essential oil nasal inhaler!

I love to carry my essential oils everywhere and so my purse is usually full of several full sized bottles.  I have a veritable essential oil stash in my bag nearly everywhere I go.

My husband on the other hand?  Carrying a bottle of essential oil with him isn’t going to happen.  Don’t get me wrong, he’s as oil-loving as they come, but he can’t stop long enough at work to pull out oils and make a decision on what to use.

Enter the essential oil nasal aroma inhaler!

We’ve loved the convenience of making up nasal inhalers with his favorite blends and single oils.  It makes it very easy for him to grab a particular inhaler, use it, and get back to work.

Ever since we started making essential oil nasal inhalers we’ve found all sorts of helpful uses for them.  So here are just a few of the places you may find it helpful to have an essential oil nasal inhaler.

At work

As much as you love essential oils, it’s possible that your office mates may not.

Whether it is just a particular oil or just the idea of oils in general, not all workplaces welcome a diffuser.  Making up a few nasal inhalers to keep in your desk drawer makes it easy to enjoy the benefits of your oils without causing co-workers to give you the stink-eye or having to deal with complaints.

Or maybe you work a job that keeps you on your feet all the time.  If you don’t have an office to yourself (and that is likely most people), having a few nasal inhalers to choose from and keep in a pocket can come in handy when you find yourself needing an oil, but not having the ability to use them the way you would at home.

Some diffusers I’d keep with me at work would be:

  • One for supporting feelings of energy
  • One for helping promote good mood
  • And any seasonal oils you might need

At school

The chances that your child’s teacher will diffuse essential oils in the classroom is probably low.

However, having an essential oils nasal inhaler would be a much easier way to help your child get concentrated benefits throughout the day.  Many parents add oils to a diffuser bracelet for their children, but having a few in a backpack or their desk would be possibly helpful for:

  • Normal stress before tests or quizzes
  • Focus and attention
  • A cleansing and purifying aroma
  •  A comforting and soothing aroma after lunch


If you don’t’ care for traveling much like me, then you probably like to take some oils with you in the car or on the plane.  Having a personalized essential oil nasal inhaler with you in those situations would let you use your oils discretely and still get the benefits you need at that moment.

Not to mention, but when you’re in a hotel or a guest in someone else’s home, diffusing isn’t always an option.  Carrying a few nasal inhalers would take up much less room than a diffuser and every bottle of oil you might need.

Some of the ways I’ve used essential oils while traveling that I would make up a nasal inhaler for include:

  • Sleep and relaxation in a new place
  • Calm feelings while traveling
  • Helping kids to feel calm and happy on planes or on long car rides
  • Helping feel alert while driving

As you can see, essential oil nasal inhalers have lots of uses.  You can probably think of even more ways you could use them!

How to Make an Essential Oil Nasal Inhaler:

Here’s what you’ll need:

Here’s what you do:

  1. Add your essential oils to the dish (around 20 drops should be enough for a single nasal inhaler)
  2. Dip your empty wick into the essential oils, then rub it around to get every bit of the oils)
  3. Put the cap on the bottom of the nasal inhaler.
  4. Label and give it a try!

So tell me, have you ever used an essential oil nasal inhaler?  Where do you use them? Share in the comments!