My kids make messes.

Sometimes they are big!  (Sometimes it is me that makes the mess, but we’ll pretend that I didn’t just admit that, lol!)  Thankfully there is a solution!  In fact I tested this on one of the most difficult to fix “mistakes”–Permanent Marker.

I recently bought an easel at a garage sale that had a wipe board and a chalkboard on each side, and someone had written on the wipe board side with a sharpie.  Since I had literally nothing to lose we tested it out using lemon essential oil to help remove the marker.  It took a couple of times going over it with the undiluted lemon oil to remove it, but with some wiping it is about 95% gone.


I’ve also tested this on sticker residue, tough sticky messes, tape residue, crayon and other markers and it works like a charm.

A nice added perk is that the scent of lemon essential oil can help to brighten your mood, so not only can you clean up the “mistake”, you can start to feel a little bit better.

**Please do a quick check in an inconspicuous place if you are concerned about the surface you are using the lemon essential oil on.