How to Use Essential Oils With Kids

11 Ways I Use Oils With My Own Kids All the Time

I think one of my biggest hurdles of getting started with essential oils for me was using them with my kids.  Not only had I been scared by the many sensational articles that get passed around social media, but I had a really bad experience with a lower quality brand of essential oils with my oldest.

Despite all that, I was truly focused on my kids when I started diving into trying essential oils again, but it was mainly for the non-toxic cleaning uses, and not for health support.  But with time, all of that changed, and we found safe and helpful uses for many other needs.  Now I confidently use oils with my kids every day, multiple times a day, and they have come to ask for oils when they feel the need.

It is a remarkable turnaround!

When I was first in that delicate time of deciding if I’d give oils a try again for things other than cleaning, I had friends that I was able to watch and ask questions.

Thankfully my friend Sarah had kids and she confidently used oils with her family, so I had the benefit of being able to see what she did and go from there.  I know that not everyone has an “oily friend”, though, so I thought I’d share some of the ways that we actually use essential oils with our own kids so that you can see an actual family and how we use oils!


I hope that it helps as you are looking to use oils with your own kids!

We use oils at mealtimes.

essential oils for mealtime

In the morning, I make a greens smoothie for the kids as part of their breakfast and we love to add essential oils like Orange Vitality (or any citrus oil, really) to the recipe.  The kids love the taste, and 2-3 drops flavors the whole 16-ounce smoothie that I split between two kids. YUM!


We use oils at playtime.

essential oils for playtime

My kids play hard and throw themselves into everything they do.  I often reach for Lavaderm spray to apply to their skin.  When I don’t reach for Lavaderm, I’ll use Lavender or the KidScents Owie Blend.

By the end of the afternoon, the kids are often starting to get on each other’s nerves, and of course, I have to go get dinner started.  You know what I mean, right?  When the “witching hour” starts, I reach for oils with relaxing and soothing aromas.  Some of my favorites for diffusing (see that essential oil joke?) playtime frustrations are Tranquil and Peace and Calming.

I just walk casually up behind them and dab a little oil on their necks and go on my way.  It’s just a “mom hack”.   Dinner usually gets made without any more interruptions.

Yes, I will accept thank you emails for that tip! 😉

We use oils when we go outdoors.


We spend so much time indoors during the winter that we maximize our outdoor time during the rest of the year.  That means we spend lots of time in the mountains hiking, jet-skiing at the lake, and barbecuing with friends.  Before we go out, we dab some Purification around their collars and pant hems and enjoy an annoyance free afternoon.

We live in a very dry environment so we have to take care of dry skin.  The kids’ skin gets dried and stressed too easily, and we often use essential oils to maintain the appearance of their skin.  A few drops of Lavender or Frankincense in some aloe vera gel or in a natural lotion (we like the KidScents Lotion) is our favorite way to help maintain the healthy appearance of their skin.   It helps that they think it is fun when mommy puts together a “concoction” to put on them.

We use oils at study-time.

essential oils for homework

We homeschool, and so we don’t really have much in the way of homework time, but we absolutely have a little test lab for how essential oils work in a learning environment.  I use the oils mainly with my grade-school son for focus and creating memory associations for different topics.  My daughter is still young enough that her learning comes mostly through play.

During school time we use the diffuser to diffuse stimulating aromas like Peppermint or Rosemary in our school-room.  Other times we’ll apply some Vetiver or some GeneYus blend to the back of my son’s neck and let him work on his schoolwork.  It seems to work really well for us, and we rotate what oils we use often.

We use oils at bedtime.

essential oils for bedtime

Bedtime was one of my first oil “ah ha!” moments…so much so that I wrote a whole article about the oils that we use with the kids.  Since then, though, we invested in a diffuser for the kids’ rooms (my son has the cool dinosaur diffuser and my daughter the super cute under the sea diffuser).  That opened up a whole world of possibilities for using oils at bedtime.

Most nights we use oils like Lavender or Cedarwood in the diffuser, but we’ll rotate them out from time to time if we have another more specific need.  But, my kids love their diffusers and they sleep very peacefully which makes this mama happy!

We use different oils at different times of the year.

essential oils for fall

Smells Like Fall–Helps us Survive the Fall

The fall and winter are always heavy essential oil use times in our home.  One of our favorite oils for fall and winter use is Thieves essential oil blend.  Thieves is a blend based on a legend of spice traders who used it to anoint their bodies while robbing the victims of a major outbreak in the port where they were stranded.  In exchange for their “recipe”, the legend says, the local magistrate allowed them to escape with their lives.  Legendary as it may be, it’s a favorite oil blend, and the very first oil I tried that delivered the benefits I was hoping for!

We use Thieves quite a few ways, but diffusing is the most common method!  Not only does it smell like Christmas but it purifies the air!  Sometimes we diffuse it by itself, and other times we add a few drops of orange.  We also use Thieves that we’ve diluted with a carrier oil to put on our bodies before we go out to visit with people and sometimes when we return to the house.  I like to keep the pre-diluted oil in a recycled oil bottle with a roller top on it to make it really easy to just roll a bit on before we head out.

Soothing Aromas

Another way we use oils is to diffuse RC in the kids’ rooms at night.  Any time they might benefit from a soothing aromatic oil, we grab RC.  It’s full of 3 types of Eucalyptus, Spruce, Marjoram, Peppermint, and Cyprus essential oils.

We also use it to make shower bombs and it works really well to make an aromatic chest rub.  We usually just add ten or so drops of RC to 1/4 cup of coconut oil and keep it in a small jar.  When we need to we rub it on the kids’ chests.


So there you have it!

Those are just some of the ways I use essential oils with my kids!  I know seeing my own friends use oils with their kids and finding out the different things they did made a very big difference in helping me to learn how to use oils with my family.  I hope seeing these practical things we do helps you to find even more ways to help your kids!

For those of you who use essential oils with your kids, what are some of YOUR favorite uses?  Please share in the comments!