If you are anything like me, you like to make your own concoctions and blends.  I particularly enjoy creating new diffuser combinations and this week I was working on a new citrusy blend to cleanse and purify the air.  It smells DELIGHTFUL!

Despite the fact there are places where I can buy glassware and bottles, I actually prefer to recycle my old used essential oil bottles instead.  I got the idea from Dolf Cheng, a talented graphic designer and fellow Young Living Distributor. These graphics are shared with his permission.

I hope they give you a great idea of how you can re-use your old empty essential oil bottles.  Happy Recycling!

Recycling 4

Step One

Recycling EO Bottles 1Step Two

Recycling Essential Oil Bottles 2Step Three

Recycling Essential Oils 3So tell me, what will you use your recycled bottles for?  Do you have a favorite blend that you like to make?