Fall is the most beautiful time of year to me.  I grew up in Florida, so we never had change of seasons.  It was always hot and less hot, and that was about it.

I remember that once a year we’d get a little package from my aunt who lived in Massachusetts and inside it would have a little sheet of pressed fall leaves inside of  some wax paper and that was the extent of my experience with fall!

Now we live in rural Wyoming and get our fair share of changing seasons and some BEAUTIFUL leaves!

I originally put together this fall coloring page as a fun fall activity for my kids as the leaves are changing around us.  We gave this fall coloring page a test drive this morning and they LOVED IT!

Fall Coloring Page


So I’d love for YOU to enjoy this fall coloring page!  I promise I won’t tell anyone if you want to color it, too!  (Moment of truth, I LOVE to color, so this will be a fun one to color for me, too!)

Download this  Fall Coloring Page

Hope you and your kids enjoy this fall coloring page!  Oh, and please share with a friend!