Based on my rocky start with essential oils, I honestly can tell you that I am THRILLED that we have experienced such success using quality essential oils with the family.  I am even more thrilled that my kids have benefitted so much from them.

If you’ve followed this site for any length of time, you know that I was die-hard opposed to using essential oils for the family following a frustrating incident with using a health food store oil properly with my young son.  I swore them off, and just KNEW that they were dangerous and ineffective.  Thank heavens I finally did some homework and learned that quality oils aren’t like health food store oils.  For Real.

Let me share five ways that my children have benefited from quality essential oils.

1. Having a healthy lifestyle

Let’s be honest, no one wants to neglect healthy choices. So every opportunity we can get to support our good health, we take it!  It’s good to be proactive and help your body do what it already knows how to do, which is to stay in balance!  So with the many types of plant-based products infused with essential oils we get from Young Living, we’re definitely covered when it comes to living a healthful lifestyle!

2.  Less moping and moaning

Essential oils have been very soothing for my children, and a properly applied aroma can brighten any number of normal childhood moments.  Bad dreams, the boogie monster, overtired meltdowns, and feeling sad and frustrated can leave the kids in bad moods, but having something as simple as aromas to offer as an option has been very helpful in the way our kids handle these and other normal childhood situations.

3.   Less Stress at Bedtime

My kids can be difficult about bedtime.   My daughter who is still a toddler easily gets overstimulated and wants to be up and a part of whatever is still going on when she is supposed to be sleeping.  I have found SO much help with her sleep by diffusing essential oils in her room.   She’s gone from fully awake to completely asleep in under five minutes just from using oils to create a calming atmosphere.

My son also has bad dreams every now and then.  Having essential oils available when that happens has been a great comfort to me as a mother and to him as a child, as he goes back to sleep peacefully and stays that way for the rest of the night.

4.  Fewer Chemicals in the Home

The chemical situation was my first reason that I even considered Young Living.  I finally was willing to give it a chance because I desperately wanted to reduce the number of harsh chemicals in our home.  Both of my kids are sensitive to synthetics, so reducing toxic load in our environment has always been a priority.

I’ve replaced my harsh cleaning products with just one highly effective essential oil infused concentrate (Thieves Household Cleaner).  It smells amazing, and is very purifying, and is as mild as the plants it came from.  Now the kids can play in our greenly cleaned home, and my mind is at ease that I did the most I could to help keep them protected from environmental toxins.

5.  A More Harmonious Home Environment

Being small business owners means that my husband and I have a lot of pressure on our shoulders in addition to the normal day to day concerns of raising a family.  The oils are amazing to apply after a long day at work, helping with our relaxation levels and are a cost effective solution since each bottle contains about 250 drops (applications).

That means that Mommy and Daddy are much more relaxed around the kiddos and we can help support everyone’s mood by diffusing oil blends like Peace and Calming, or Stress Away, or even just Lemon.

Plus, when I’m using my oils I find that I am more available and energetic to engage in life with my family.

All in all, the choice to use a quality, genuine oil company made all the difference in how positive our experience has been.  We use our oils on a daily basis and have been so pleased that we took the leap.