I ended up choosing to use Young Living Essential Oils.  And it was only after quite a lot of intense research.

I was determined NOT to buy from a network marketing based essential oil company unless it turned out to be the best quality available.

As a brief aside: I looked into a wide variety of companies during my research, including doTerra, NOW, Butterfly Gardens, Aura Cacia and many more. I could not find another essential oil company that came anywhere close to the quality control that Young Living offered.  That was a major trust builder for me.

After a great deal of research I had to decide which company that I could actually trust. Because in an industry that is completely unregulated, you have to do your own research.

At the time I had purchased some cleaning supplies from Young Living, but was absolutely not committed, nor did I want to use their essential oils if there was a better alternative.  I was not brand loyal in any way.

Quality of the Oils

The essential oils made by Young Living are of a quality to be used in when you expect serious results.  Some folks refer to this as therapeutic grade, but finding an oil that says therapeutic on the label was not enough.  This was important, because my experience with other brands of essential oils had been lackluster at best.

If I was going to spend the price to get oils from a premium company, they absolutely had to work.  I had already tried the cheap stuff and knew that it didn’t.

In a few days of digging I had come up with hundreds of amazing testimonies from people who had actually used Young Living essential oils and had experienced very real results.  And since none of them stood to make any money from me, I was willing to listen to what had happened to them.

Not Just a Re-Bottler

Young Living is still the only company selling essential oils in North America who both farms and distills many of their own oils.  Every single other major essential oil seller buys all their oils from someone else, pre-distilled. 

 Young Living oils are distilled using an exclusive distilling technique and with equipment that is not available to any other company.  This yields exceptional quality essential oils with the correct chemical composition to be active and authentic.  Oils that just aren’t available anywhere else.

Young Living also has a wide network of partner farms and exclusive suppliers for the oils that they don’t personally grow.  Any partner in growing has to maintain the same standards as a Young Living owned farm in order to supply Young Living with plant materials.  There is so much to this that they made a whole website to share all the in depth details of their quality control process.  It is called Seed to Seal.

Strict Testing of Quality and Potency

All oils are tested both by Young Living and by an outside lab to make sure that there are no contaminants, synthetic chemicals or other non-desirable compounds.  Not only do they meet Young Living’s high standard of quality, they also exceed international standards.  This testing is also crucial to make sure that the correct components are in each oil.  Without the right components, the oil could smell great, but be functionally useless.

Control From the Start to Finish

The thing that sets their quality apart from any other company is that they have control of the essential oil process from the point that the seed is selected all the way through to the point where the bottle is shipped to their customers.  Any other seller can only claim complete control from the time that they receive the shipment of oils pre-distilled from their supplier.

I Can Visit My Oils

Young Living has farms around the world and additional distilleries.  They are constantly adding even more locations.  Anyone is welcomed to visit a farm to see the plants and watch distillation.   Just stop by the visitor’s center and ask for a tour!

That is an incredible amount of transparency, and so far in all the years that I’ve been researching these things I have not found another company that could let you visit their source of oils.    And truthfully, many of the companies who sell oils haven’t been to where their oils come from themselves, either.

In fact, I’ve actually been to the Young Living’s Lavender farm in Mona Utah many, many times.

The Leap of Faith

Once I had discovered this information, I felt I was ready to take a step of faith and try the oils for the family again. 

The oils we bought were amazing.   The results we got were very different than what we had experienced with the other brands we had used.

That was 2012, and to this day these oils have transformed our routines as a family.  We have tools in our wellness toolkit that we didn’t have before, and as a mom, I am so thankful that I have a way to help my kids that I know works.

I LOVE my Young Living essential oils.  They are a welcome part of our home.  I love to share, because I’ve seen so much change in our lives because of them.  We use them every single day.

And that is why I chose Young Living.