It’s a good thing my friend was an understanding sort of person.

I vaguely remember the dreary winter day that the day she called to “introduce me” to essential oils.  It was sad and depressing out, and it was nice to hear a friendly voice on the other end of the phone.  I was two months postpartum with my second child and was craving some adult conversation.  It was a pleasant enough talk and then she brought it up.  Essential Oils.

The awkwardness

Oh brother.  Didn’t she remember the essential oil saga from the previous year?  I mean, we had definitely talked about it.  I had caught wind that she had joined an essential oil company but thought that she would have the good sense to steer clear of me.  NOPE.

I politely listened and hoped we’d be done with the topic soon.  Firmly, but kindly I said, “Oh, don’t you remember the essential oil incident?  I don’t feel comfortable using them again. Maybe for cleaning or something, but not ON anyone.”

Not to be deterred, she plowed on.  She told me a few facts about her oils and how they were different from what I had used.   Still, I wouldn’t budge.  Not interested.  Somehow she sensed a weak spot, though, and she mentioned that they had something called Thieves.   I don’t know why that stuck in my mind so well, but I think I had a fuzzy memory of someone using it in the past and raving about its greatness.

Proving it to myself

I was a little interested, but I wasn’t letting on. We changed the subject and when I hung up the phone, I made a beeline for the computer.  But no, I wasn’t checking out the company product info.  I was looking for a recipe to make it myself!  I was going to get some use out of those blasted oils if it killed me!

As a bit of an aside, have you ever done an internet search for a Thieves clone recipe?  I have found more versions of that recipe than I can shake a stick at.  The webpage that had four different recipes for Thieves all in a row confused me the most.  I had to wonder.  How in the world do you know which one is the right one?  I think the answer is, you don’t!

Armed with a couple empty dropper bottles, my recently re-found bottles of essential oils and a couple of recipe options, I began.  I mentally patted myself on the back for being so clever and thrifty.  Oh, how surprised she would be when I told her that I had found a way to DIY that essential oil cleaner that she had recommended.  So, so, clever.

An hour later,  I’d blended a whole bunch of options and was NOT happy with my results AT ALL.  At the end of my experiment, I felt pretty much deflated.  My attempts to create Thieves with the DIY recipes was a big fat failure.  How could all of those recipes be all so different and all be Thieves?   How could they work if no one had an actual recipe?  Everyone was just guessing, including me.  The best that anyone could do is to smell the original and then give their best guess using the oils that were listed in the blend.

It drove me crazy

The knock-off blends sat on the sideboard in my kitchen for weeks taunting me.  I wasn’t willing to admit defeat yet, though.  I kept thinking that I could do something to resurrect them.  They must be redeemable in some way.

One day, though, it was like a switch flipped.  The DIY Thieves was just horrible.   It literally didn’t work.

I sat down and did some reading to see if this company was all that my friend said it was.  What I found made me comfortable enough to at least try the real Thieves blend of oils.  I also decided to try the Thieves cleaning products, too.  The harder part, though,  was the phone call that I had to make.

She didn’t know it (or if she did, she didn’t let on) but it was really hard for me to admit I had been wrong. Especially since I had been so firm in refusing the last time.  But she was gracious.  In just a few minutes she helped me get a wholesale account and buy the Thieves products that I wanted.

So now I had taken a baby step back towards essential oils.  But, I wasn’t yet ready to actually put them ON my family.  That was still out of the question.

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