I was very skeptical.

For a very long time, my first reaction to nearly everything good would be to question it or to doubt the motives of the person who was telling me about it.  You know the old saying “there’s no such thing as a free lunch”?

If I hadn’t heard that phrase from someone else, I probably would have tried to coin something similarly witty.  At least I like to think so.  It makes me feel a little like I’m almost an innovator.

Thankfully time and some good experiences have mellowed me some, and now I can at least keep a mostly open mind.  However, when something has been hurtful to those that I love, I don’t tend to give second chances.  That is why it was such a HUGE thing to decide to even try an essential oil based product again.

So, meanwhile, back at the ranch (only figuratively, but I guess you must get me by now), I had decided to order the Thieves products and use them around the house.  There was a household cleaner concentrate, hand soaps, hand sanitizers, a spray, and a bottle of the Thieves essential oil blend in the kit that I ordered.  At that point, I was cautiously optimistic that I could potentially use essential oils as an alternative to my usual cleaning supplies.  I wasn’t quite ready to trust them enough, though, to use them with the family again.  That would take some time.

So, we received the Thieves products I had ordered and I quickly found that I really loved them.  They cleaned really well, and they smelled great, and I felt good that I had taken a bunch of chemicals out of the home where we had our new daughter.

Over the first few weeks I ended up with a beast of a cold.  In fact I had actually experienced that same cold a few weeks prior and it was, well…horrible.   I think I had struggled with it for over a week before I started to feel better and this time, well this time I was determined for it to be different.

So this time around when my throat started swelling and I had a hard time swallowing and started sneezing, my friend suggested that I reach for some Thieves essential oil.   So I did my normal:  drink more water, have some tea, take a nap, used the Thieves, and wouldn’t you know?  It turned out WAY differently.    The cold and sore throat that lingered for over a week was completely gone in 24 hours.

My mind was made up.   I could argue all I wanted about the schools of through within the essential oil community.  I at least could agree that the essential labeling laws were an absolute joke.   But my last ditch effort to argue that essential oils didn’t work was going up in a blaze of glory.

A blaze of amazing, feeling so much better glory.

And it was at that moment that I realized that I couldn’t blunt force object my way through this.   I was staring my own results square in the face and I couldn’t argue with them.

It was at that point that I realized that I needed to decide what was important to me, and to see if this company (or any other for that matter, I was not in the least way brand loyal at the time) met MY needs, expectations, and desires.  So I formed a loose checklist in my mind and set out to see how they measured up, and then I spent a LONG time reading and researching.

Objective Quality

The first thing that I knew that I had to really dig into was the quality.  If it wasn’t the quality needed to use French aromatherapy methods, I wasn’t going to be interested.  My previous experience with common drugstore oils was frustrating enough that I knew that I couldn’t go that direction again.  To choose a new brand I had to know that not only did they make an oil that was that high of quality, but that they had the objective third party proof to show it was safe.  The labels on my previous essential oils had promised that they were pure, and they had proven otherwise, so I did not plan on taking any more chances.

By this time I had learned that no government agency gives their seal of approval in any way to any essential oil company’s products, and so whether a company sold good enough oils was going to depend on a lot more than an acronym or official sounding nameAssertions of quality didn’t really even sway me.  What eventually had to sway me was how the quality was ensured and whether it was verified by someone else credible and unbiased.  Fancy words like wild-crafted or biodynamic, while not unimportant, weren’t going to dazzle me out of digging up any potential dirt.  I had to know it was the best if I was going to use it.

That Certain Something

Also, the oils had to be different in some way.  Let’s be honest.  If you do a web search for the term essential oils, you will find at minimum a hundred different companies that want to sell you oils.  That is so intimidating!  So if they were going to be worth my money, they had to be extraordinary in some way.  They had to be doing something right that wasn’t common.  Something that showed me that they had more skin in the game, so to speak.  They had to be on the cutting edge of research and have people willing to tell their stories of using the oils so that I would know what they could do first hand.

Since I had seen that there were so many other options, it concerned me.  I clicked through to some websites and they seemed to be inactive, and others seemed pretty recently created.  That made me wonder, how many of these companies are just riding a wave of increased interest?  How many of them would be around for the long haul?

I wanted something that had been around for long enough that if it was garbage, someone (or a whole lot of someones) would have exposed them.  In the world of business, I figured, you wouldn’t last very long if your oils were low quality and people didn’t like them.


The last thing that I wanted to have happen was to have purchased a wide variety of oils and then find out that there was one that I wanted, but that they didn’t carry it.  The last thing I wanted was a limited selection, so I had to rule out the options that only carried a small variety.  I wanted to know that the vast majority of the oils that I might need for any particular ailment were available and were held to the same quality standard.

Armed with those requirements I set out to make my decision.  I did end up making one, and I give you the reasons why in THE CONCLUSION to the series.

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