For some strange reason, though, it didn’t occur to me until SEVERAL months after I got my essential oils that I could use it to help with our day-to-day quality of life!  This was such a revelation to me, and I hope that it will be as helpful to you as it is to us!

We have two kids, ages 4 and 2, and let’s be honest: They don’t always want to go to sleep.  The reasons are different depending on the child and the night, but I’ve found several essential oils to be amazing tools in helping them to have a good night’s rest.


So here are several of my favorites:

Oils For Sleep

1.  Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia)

Literally the most popular essential oil, it is well-known for its relaxing aroma.  For a VERY long while my daughter would get frustrated when we put her down to bed because she didn’t want to miss the excitement.  Enter the diffuser with Lavender essential oil.   We also will put a drop or two on her pillow or on her body at bedtime for a relaxing aroma.


 2.  Peace and Calming Blend

This is a blend of citrus oils, patchouli, ylang ylang, and blue tansy (Tanacetum annuum) that is designed to bring a sense of wellbeing.  I know people who use it with their pets (barking dogs, anyone?) and definitely with their children.  My friend Sarah has a little boy (he’s ten months old) who doesn’t want to miss ANYTHING.  So when bedtime rolls around he will fight falling asleep.  It is actually hilarious to watch the little guy try so hard to stay awake.  Sarah found that if she puts Peace and Calming on him at night he goes to sleep more easily.  I’ve used it with my children too, during the day, when they are overstimulated or just plain wired.  It works well in the diffuser as well as on the skin.

3.  Cedarwood (Cedrus atlantica)

This is one that we actually discovered completely by accident.  We briefly lived in a very large house that had many strange noises, and my son began to have bad dreams.  After doing a lot of research we stumbled across Cedarwood and decided to give it a try.

We found that once we started using Cedarwood with my son the bad dreams he began to sleep much more soundly, and even began to sleep through the night again.  He even started to ask for his special oil at bedtime.

4.  Valor Blend

It’s not always monsters under the bed that keeps kids tense and unable to sleep.  Sometimes the everyday concerns of life as a child that can keep a child wakeful.  Valor blend is my go-to oil for occasional anxiousness in both kids and adults.  It is very a soothing aroma and smells wonderful.  We used it along with the Cedarwood for my son and we found that together they were a very nice combination.

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UPDATED 7/8/14:  The New KidScents Collection contains a blend called SleepyIze, too that my 2 year old now asks for every night!

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