I love to be asked about essential oil science.  You may have even wondered yourself if essential oils are for real, or just an imagined effect for people who aren’t very educated.  That common argument seems to work rea y well, because shock tactics and dismissive language are enough to scare off many people.

But it doesn’t scare away the readers and truth seekers.  It’s easy to cling to what we’ve always believed but never examine what facts or assumptions might actually be behind our most deepest and passionately held beliefs.

Taking a hard look at things we’ve just assumed to be the case can be uncomfortable, and that is why some people just choose not to.

The great news is, essential oil science is a totally understandable thing, and I’d love to help explain some of the basics behind why essential oils work.

The even better news is that every bit of the information I share in this video is available for you to get so that you can dig deeper.

Essential Oil Science: How Essential Oils Work–Part 1–Bio-Chemically

Here is a diagram that shows visually how ligands (and essential oils) interact with cell receptor sites in the body:

Essential Oil Science How Oils Work in the Body

Here are a few points from the video that you may want to research further:

The great news is that there is a ton of great scientific information about essential oils and how they work in the body.   You just have to be willing to do a little digging and then you’ll have a lot of background on why the real stuff works!

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