Guys, it’s cold out here!  Pretty much every night this past week has dipped below zero.

We’ve tried to stay inside and warm as much as we can, but I’m not going to lie. We’ve been using some tissues since our last trip out of the house.

Do you remember when all the kids had to bring a box of tissues to school with them on the first day?  I remember looking for who brought the scented tissues, because they were really awesome and we never had them at home.

When I became responsible for my own tissue buying I often sprang for the “deluxe” tissues.  After all, the aroma was so soothing and comforting.

Over the last nearly five years we’ve been on a quest to remove synthetic chemicals from our home.  I gave it some thought and realized it would be really easy to make my own DIY aromatic tissues infused with essential oils.

So here’s my secret, and it’s so simple.


DIY Aromatic Tissues Infused with Essential Oils


Here’s what you need:

  • One box of the softest unscented tissues you can find
  • Your favorite Young Living Essential oils (for this project I like RC or Eucalyptus globulous)
  • A piece of tape

Seriously, that’s it!

Here’s what to do:

  1. Open the side or bottom of your tissue box carefully.  Don’t open the top of the box yet.
  2. Add 6-10 drops of RC or Eucalyptus globulous to a cotton ball (or you can split it between two cotton balls if you wish).
  3. Slip the cotton ball back into the box and close again with a piece of tape.
  4. Let “marinate” a few days unopened so that the aroma from the essential oils can permeate all of the tissues.
  5. Open when needed and use!

Voila!  Tissues infused with essential oils.

Pro Tip:  Make a box or two ahead of time so you’ll have one ready to grab at a moment’s notice!

Do you have another idea for what essential oil to use?  Sound off in the comments!

(Oh, and share with a friend…it’s such a helpful tip!)

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