Dry winter skin is no fun, and this moisturizing hand soap will keep your hands both clean and soft.  I put together this recipe for the winter, but truthfully, I use it all year round.

I’m an avid gardener and that means my hands get dried out from all the washing.  Plus, little kids=washing my hands a lot.  I wash my hands often, so it’s imperative that my soap is not drying.

The extra perk is that, unlike some all-natural soaps, the vegetable glycerine in this moisturizing hand soap recipe helps both the moisture and the foaming action.

Plus, the skin-loving essential oils do the skin tons of favors, leaving them clean AND healthfully soft.  That it smells great is just like icing on the cake.  And my kids love cake 😉

Here’s what you need:

• 2-3 TBSP Unscented Liquid Castile Soap (Dr. Bronner’s is the brand that works best)
• ½ tsp Vegetable Glycerine
• 4-6 drops Vitamin E Oil
• 6 drops Young Living Tea Tree Essential Oil and and 3 drops Young Living Orange Essential Oil (both of these oils are awesome on the skin)
• 1-10oz PET plastic foaming hand soap pump

So easy, and your skin will be SO soft!

Just add the ingredients to the hand soap bottle in the order listed, swirl to combine, and then fill slowly with cold water the rest of the way.  Then shake gently to combine further!

Check out the DIY Moisturizing Hand Soap Recipe video:

When you make it, what skin loving oils will you use?  Sound off in the comments!

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