It’s picnic season again!

Cue the cheering!

The chill of winter and spring is finally past and we are now ready for outdoor barbecues, picnics and meals of all kinds.

I am so excited!  You are too, right?

After all, that’s why you’re looking for some picnic recipes, I’d imagine.

These are some of my favorites, and of course, they are all flavored with Vitality essential oils.

They’re so tasty, and my two kids both love these recipes.  In fac, as soon as I finish this article, we’re heading out to the store to grab the ingredients for our next picnic!

What’s a picnic or barbecue without potato salad?

Zesty Potato Salad with bacon and chives

This is my favorite potato salad recipe by far, and it makes a lot, so you could halve the recipe and do just fine.  It’s both creamy and tangy and the bacon, chives and dill vitality essential oil are so, so good together.  YUM!

Get the Potato Salad recipe HERE

How about some Dill-Icious Deviled Eggs?

Game Changing Deviled Eggs

See what I did there? It’s an essential oils joke!  Ok, I’m just so happy that I can make these eggs for a picnic again.  I can’t help it.

My husband and I are the deviled egg eaters in our house, mainly because my oldest is allergic, but we can polish off a full recipe of them in just a few days. We love them!  I think you will, too.

Get the Deviled Eggs recipe HERE

Berry-Licious Fruit Salad with an Orange and Mint kick!

A fresh summertime fruit salad full of zesty citrus and mint flavors. Perfect to cool you down on a hot day.

This was one of my kids’ favorite recipes from all last summer.  We made it several times and it was so tasty that when we had leftovers we would eat them for breakfast.

This recipe is mainly berries, so it’s easiest to make for early summer and late spring picnics, but you could make your own combination of fruits and use the same yogurt dressing.  Sweet and yummy!

Get the Fruit Salad Recipe HERE

Serving up chips and dips?

Looking for a fresh, bright salsa recipe? This is it. Makes a quart and won't last the afternoon!

I love to make fresh salsas, and since there are more local and fresh vegetables this time of year, we enjoy this salsa fresca recipe with lime vitality essential oil!

If you’re feeling really ambitious you can make your own chips, but I think you’ll find that you’d rather just dig in right away!  This is a mild salsa recipe, so feel free to spice it up with extra chilies if you like it hotter!

Get the Salsa Fresca with Lime recipe HERE

Ready for something cool and refreshing?

Sugar Free Strawberry Limeade

A picnic wouldn’t be complete without a refreshing drink!  Since we don’t do sodas around our house this fruity, icy drink is the best thing to cool off with on a warm day.

The taste of the lime and strawberry is the perfect summer drink flavor combination.  If you’re not sugar-free, you can try sweetening with a little agave nectar or simple syrup!

Get the Strawberry Limeade recipe HERE

Those look so good, I can’t wait to dig in!

Which recipes will you try?  Share with us in the comments!