Why essential oils?

I started using essential oils because I wanted to help my family live more healthy, chemical-free lives. At the time, I thought my best option was to buy essential oils at the health food store.

Unfortunately, those essential oils didn’t work, and I decided that essential oils wouldn’t work for me.

Thankfully a couple of years later I had another chance when a friend invited me to look at Young Living.  I couldn’t believe what a huge difference Young Living’s essential oils actually did make!

There was a clear difference in the results I got from Young Living, vs. the lack of results I got from the other brands.

Years later, I’m still in love with my essential oils and remain impressed by the results we still get.

My husband, my kids, and I have all had amazing results from the oils, and I am so glad that we gave them another try!

Could they help you, too?

I firmly believe that essential oils can help anyone who is committed to a healthy lifestyle.

We use essential oils nearly every day and all around the house.

We’ve replaced 98% of our other health products and all the toxic chemicals that we used around our house. 

We feel better than ever!

I’ve had the joy of watching friends, family, and new friends experience amazing results and a renewed sense of well being.   These stories are one of my favorite parts of using and sharing essential oils!

Why is Young Living Essential Oils Unique?

This video explains the Seed to Seal quality difference, and why Young Living is currently the only company to take these steps to bring you the most effective and pure oils available.



Why order your essential oils through The Essential Family?

You’ll be supported every step of the way!  As much as you need, you will have access to Kristen and the full resources of the All the Essentials Teaml!   I want to make sure that you get the best experience and most use from your oils possible!

As a member of the All the Essentials Team you will have access to:

  • Discount prices on all your Young Living purchases (24% off retail price on every order)!
  • Access to our Private All the Essentials Facebook support groups.
  • One on one mentoring to get the most out of your oil experience (anytime you ask!).
  • Lots of other perks like educational phone calls, text updates (you pick which ones), webinars, special freebies and much more!

Ready to get your essential oils?

I always recommend the Wholesale Membership option, because seriously, who doesn’t love the best deal?

  • You get the best price on the oils you want (24% off retail price).
  • You’ll  get a starter kit that’s filled with essential oils at an even deeper discount.
  • Then feel free to use the wholesale membership to get a discount on your own personal purchases, or share with friends, it’s all up to you!
  • No monthly requirements!  When you start ordering regularly, you can use the Essential Rewards program to earn free products for your normal orders.


The Premium Starter Kit is an amazing deal!

Here’s a breakdown of the value you get with this kit:

That means that when you grab your Premium Starter Kit you actually save $138.24 over the best price of buying those products separately.

It’s a tremendous deal.



Will you get results?

I’m going to be honest with you, if you get essential oils and don’t use them, you’re going to be disappointed! Essential oils are not magical, they won’t work if you don’t use them.

If you get essential oils and use them every once and a while, you might have some really good results.

If you get essential oils and use them regularly, learn more about them, and commit to using them?  I’ve never seen someone NOT get results who does that!

Essential oils are the perfect companion to a healthy lifestyle!

There are hundreds of other essential oil-infused products like:

  • vitamins and supplements
  • natural energy and antioxidant supplements
  • non-toxic household cleaning products
  • non-toxic personal care
  • non-toxic oral care
  • kids essential oils and kids products
  • baby products
  • mineral makeup
  • oil infused OTC products like Thieves Cough Drops, Cool Azul Pain Cream, Mineral Sunscreen and Bug Repellant
  • so much more.

So you can use essential oil-infused products in place of the products you are already using and get the enhanced benefits!

I definitely encourage you to add a few of the things that you’re most interested in to your order so you can get them with your oils.  

(Oh, and my best tip is you can set up Essential Rewards for the things you’ll want to get on a regular basis…It’s like Amazon Pantry for essential oils and non-toxic lifestyle products!  But unlike Amazon, you’ll earn back points for free products, so it’s an even better deal!)

 Ready to get your essential oils?


Need a walk-through on how to signup?

 My Gifts to You!

I want you to get the most out of your new essential oils!  That’s why I have some awesome gifts to send you!

  • A gift packet from me with items hand-picked to help you get the best start using your Young Living oils!*
  • Access to our exclusive team website with information to help you learn about essential oils, how to use them, DIY projects, recipes, and much, much more!
  • Access to our private Facebook Learning group (The Essential Hangout)
  • My personal phone number for you to text or call me with your questions.

Once you’ve finished checkout for your Premium Starter Kit, I’ll send your gift on it’s way to you!

*Only available in the United States.

Additional gifts*:

  • Join with a Premium Starter Kit and add on 90PV of additional products before you checkout to get a free oil with your purchase!  Confirm that the PV total at the bottom of your order is at least 190PV to get this offer!  You will receive another free product from Young Living (changes each month).

*Only available in the United States.



How do I get access to the Essential Hangout Facebook Group, Team Website, and text info?

Check your email inbox for a welcome email from me that will provide this information and allow you to start accessing your team resources right away.

Your email will be sent to the email you used to sign up for Young Living and should arrive within 2 business days from your sign up.  Please check your junk or spam folder if you don’t see it by then.  If you still haven’t received it and you’ve checked your inbox and other folders, please contact me above and I’ll get it re-sent!

Can I really just use this member account for my own purchases?

Yes. No one will ever pressure you to do anything more.  Enjoy your discount and all the team perks!

Do I have to get a Premium Starter Kit to get a wholesale membership?

No, there is a Basic Starter Kit that you can choose, but it does not contain the Everyday Essential Oils Kit, and may not qualify you for certain sign-up promos.  It does, however, qualify you for the 24% member discount on all of your future purchases!

Do I need to buy every month/are there purchase minimums?

No.  You can buy what you want when you want.  It only takes one purchase of 50pv (approx. $50 before tax/shipping) in a 12 month period to keep your wholesale membership account active for the next 12 months.  You’ll probably use up your favorites way before your account ever lapses, so you can seriously just buy what you want when you need it, no strings attached!

When you start to buy each month, Essential Rewards lets you earn a percentage back on your purchases and get discounted shipping.  Make sure you start using it as soon as you know you want to order regularly.

Tell me more about Essential Rewards!

Essential Rewards is the optional loyalty program for members who are purchasing regularly.   If you have a long “oily wish-list” you may want to sign up for Essential Rewards right when you register with Young Living.  But if you want to wait until later, you can join Essential Rewards, free of charge, at any time in the future.

Here are the details: