Are you ready for the holidays yet?

Yeah, me neither, but they’re upon us just the same.

I started to sit down and try to plan my Thanksgiving Recipes and I thought I’d share some with you!  We don’t have a big family get-together but our little family definitely enjoys the leftovers.

As you might imagine, essential oils are a part of our cooking, even at the holidays.

So here are some delicious healthy holiday recipes with Vitality essential oils just right for your Thanksgiving or Christmas celebration!

Want to print them out?  There’s a link to a downloadable printable at the end of the article just for you!

9 Delicious Thanksgiving Recipes with Essential Oils


Cranberry sauce is a must in our holiday meals.  I grew up on the canned jiggly stuff, but homemade cranberry sauce is so much better that you’ve just got to try it.

It’s surprisingly easy to make, and if you don’t want to use that much maple syrup you could even substitute with an equal amount of:



I grew up on the heavy mushroom sauce and crispy onions that came with Thanksgiving green beans.  They were pretty good, so I was a bit skeptical that a simpler green bean would be good.

Boy was I surprised because, with all of the rich flavors of the rest of this meal, the simplicity of the green beans is the perfect thing.  The Lemon Vitality essential oil brightens up the flavors and helps keep the meal from being too heavy.



Whether you like your mashed potatoes smooth or lumpy, you’ll probably have them on your table.  This recipe is a delicious, flavorful side to go with your holiday meal.

I don’t always do potatoes (my family does), and so you can transform this recipe by substituting steamed cauliflower for the potatoes and cutting the amount of cream down significantly.  Run everything through a food processor and yum!


Sweet potatoes or yams?  It’s sweet potatoes for my family.  The baked sweet potato casserole makes traditional sweet potatoes a special treat.

Want a time saver?  Prepare this casserole ahead of time, cover and store in your fridge and put in the oven to bake on the big day.



Thanksgiving turkey just isn’t the same without stuffing (or dressing).  Nothing is more traditional or delicious than a moist cornbread dressing.

This is another dish that you can pre-prep and slip into the oven on the day.  Time saved and delicious flavor.


The last thing I want to serve is a dry turkey, but brining is a huge hassle.  I don’t have space in my fridge for a huge turkey plus a brining vat, and so a turkey injection is the way to go.  That way I can just inject the flavors directly into the meat, leading to moist, flavorful white meat.

Don’t have a turkey injector?  Here’s a great one!



Rich, savory gravy is the perfect companion to your Thanksgiving turkey and mashed potatoes.  Getting the flavors right is key and this gravy delivers!



Even though turkey tends to be the most traditionally popular holiday main dish, ham is another one of our favorites.  I’m more likely to serve ham at Christmas or Easter, but we’ve had it on Thanksgiving in the past as well.

The key to an irresistible ham, though, is the glaze.  A ham without glaze just makes me sad, so if you’re a ham lover, you’ve got to try this recipe.  You will be glad you did.


Is it really the holidays without a pumpkin pie?  Maybe, but there’s just something so amazing about it.  This custardy smooth pie is the star of your Thanksgiving dessert table.

What is your favorite holiday recipe?  Is there a family recipe you serve every year?

Download the Recipe Printable by Clicking HERE