One of the most popular and beneficial ways to use essential oils is to breathe in their aroma.  The intoxicating scents make that very easy, but believe it or not, you may want to diffuse essential oils for more than just the smell.  I will share some of my favorite reasons to diffuse essential oils, and what you will want to consider as you get started.

So let’s just start at the beginning, what in the world do I mean when I say “diffusing”?  Diffusing just means putting the essential oil molecules into the air in a way that allows you to breathe them easily and receive their benefits.  For an essential oil diffuser to give the most benefit it shouldn’t heat the oils but should either atomize the oils or vaporize the essential oils ultrasonically.

A quality diffuser for the home is a bit of an investment, but I consider it a necessity in my home, and I really believe that anyone considering using essential oils should invest in one that works well.

So here are five of my favorite reasons to diffuse essential oils:

Reach more than one person at a time.  I love that I can put an essential oil or two into my diffuser and help give their benefits to the whole family.  There’s no struggling to get them to like them or let me put them on them since they’re in the air and they are breathing, its easy as pie!  Breathe in, breathe out, voilà!

Set it and forget it!  I don’t have to remember to get my oils out on a schedule and use them, I can just put the oils in my diffuser, fill with water (or set the timer depending on which model I am using) and let it go!  Benefits without having to mind the clock!  Oh, and since it is a passive way of getting the oils into your body, you can set a diffuser to keep working while you sleep, study, relax, any time you feel you need it!

Support many aspects of a healthy lifestyle.  I love that you can love on your body just through breathing in genuine essential oils!  It is such a cool thing to know that you can support good mood, and help reduce everyday stresses just by breathing in the molecules of essential oils from a diffuser!

Freshen your indoor environment, wherever you are.  I have brought my diffuser on vacation with me and diffused in hotel rooms, in guest rooms when staying with friends and family, and have even used car diffusers to help make long car rides more pleasant.  All the benefits that I enjoy at home with my diffuser travel with me wherever I am, and I LOVE that!  It can make being in a different place a lot more pleasant and can help freshen unpleasant smells or cleanse the air when I am in an unfamiliar place.

Cleanse and purify your home environment.  The wonderful thing about essential oils is their ability to not only freshen but purify and cleanse the air.  It makes any place smell more like home, and helps remove unpleasant and unfamiliar smells no matter where they come from.

So there you have it, five great reasons to consider diffusing in your home!  Once you start, I really believe you will fall in love with the simplicity and effectiveness of using essential oils this way.  We certainly have, we diffuse every day for a variety of reasons, and we are always glad we did.

The Young Living Home Diffuser is my favorite of the diffusers I’ve tried, mainly because it is very simple to use, provides the ability to use it with or without a light, diffuse intermittently or constantly, and puts out enough vapor to cover a large area.  It comes as part of the premium enrollment kit alongside the 11 Everyday Oils in the Premium Starter Kit.

Do you diffuse?  Do you have a favorite diffuser that you use?