15 Chores that Take Under 5 Minutes 1

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!I am still a work in progress, my houses is getting cleaner and more organized as I go, but I am certainly not a perfect housekeeper yet!  I keep trying to incorporate more of the 1 minute chores into my […]

15 Chores that take under 5 Minutes

Dirty Dish Monster for FB

A Guilt Free Tip to Tame the Dirty Dish Monster

I recently asked the Essential Family Facebook community what chore you would give up if you could pick one to never do again.  My pick AND the overwhelming answer I got was DISHES! Over the years with our family on food allergy friendly, whole foods, mostly homemade diet I have grown to hate washing dishes.  Since almost everything our […]

20 Chores that Only Take ONE Minute! 1

I am a recovering messy housekeeper!  And by recovering I mean I have to work at it every day to make sure that I don’t fall behind.   I used to tell myself I’d do better when I was a stay at home mom, then I told myself I’d do better when my kids were a […]

20 Chores that take 1 minute fb image

When Mother's Day is Hard

When Mother’s Day is Hard

It’s the day before Mother’s Day and it is snowing. There is just something wrong with that, with the idea that snow should disrupt one of the beautiful days of spring. The cold, damp weight of winter shouldn’t be allowed to interrupt the warm hope and promise of spring, but life doesn’t always consider these things. Sometimes […]

DIY All Natural Spa Basket for Mom!

Looking for some fun DIY make at home gifts for mom this Mother’s Day? Or are you a mom like me with kids too small to make these for you? I give you permission to make them for yourself! You deserve it! (I’ll be making some for myself too! After all, us moms work hard, […]

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When life feels too hard vertical

When Life Feels Too Hard to Keep Going 1

I met Diane when I was in elementary school.  She was a fairly unremarkable figure in my life, then she was just the mother of one of my classmates.  Even though I would see her often through the 12 years of my schooling, she was always just one of the other kids’ moms.  That was until […]

Using Essential Oils with Kids? Don’t Make These Mistakes!

Using essential oils with kids? Don’t make these mistakes! There seem to be  two sides to the equation of using essential oils with children.  On one hand, you have some parents who are so afraid of essential oils that they won’t even consider using them on or around their children.  At the opposite extreme, you […]

using essential oils with kids

Anti-Stink Spray

The Best DIY Anti-Stink Spray–Mom Tested! 2

The Best Homemade Anti-Stink Spray I have had many reasons to need anti-stink spray in my house!  None of those silly sprays that just cover up odors, though.  I want something that busts those smells and gets rid of them. Oh, and without toxic chemicals.  Can we do that?  Oh, you know we can! Now, […]

How to Stop Eating Ants in 1 Simple Step

How to Stop Eating Ants in 1 Simple Step I ate ants when I was 22. A lot of ants.  Spoonful after spoonful of them. Now, now, before you freak out, you have to hear the story first. Ok?  Then you can freak out if you want, you have my permission. Ok, back to the […]

How to Stop Eating Ants

Why I Don't Forget About Wet Laundry

Why I Don’t Care if I Forget About Wet Laundry 1

Forgetting laundry in the washer stinks.  Quite literally. But I just don’t care as much as I used to.  At all. Do you forget your laundry in the washer like I do?  Oh my word, I do it A LOT!  I always mean to remember to throw them in the dryer right away, but seem […]