Certified Essential Oils and Quality

Certified Oils

Essential Oils are EVERYWHERE right now, and rightfully so!  People are experiencing remarkable changes in their wellbeing and lifestyle and are sharing with friends.  The possibilities are really very exciting!

But with so many companies to choose from, how can you tell them apart?  And are they really any different from one another? (Except, of course, in price?)  

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LIVE Essential Oil Intro Class Friday April 18th!

LIVE this Friday, April 18th, 2014 at 6PM Mountain Time.  I am hosting a Live Intro to Essential Oils Class on Facebook.  This is a great opportunity to learn more about why I love essential oils, how I use them with my family, and what they may be useful for!

It is a free class, but RSVP is required to view the class materials.  Don’t miss out, RSVP HERE TODAY!


Pain-Free Bandage and Surgical Tape Removal

 Pain Free Bandage Removal

I don’t know about you, but removing bandages, especially the heavy duty ones, can be a HUGE pain! 

I recently had an emergency surgery, and along with the surgery came a lot of surgical tape,  bandages, EKG patches and just amazing amounts of sticky stuff that would hurt like nobody’s business when I took it off. (Funny side note, apparently I was explaining how essential oils are distilled to the people in the recovery room with me right after the surgery.)

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Why No Other Essential Oil Company?

The longer I am in the essential oil community the more often I get asked why I use Young Living instead of *Fill In The Blank* with your company of choice.

You see people take essential oils seriously, and they want to know WHY.  I don’t blame them.  Knowing why (or THINKING that I knew) was what led me on an extensive research quest that led me across essential oil companies far and wide.  Big ones and small ones.  You name the company, I’ve read about them, and checked them out.

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Intro to Essential Oils E-Course is Now LIVE!

It’s Now HERE!!!!!  For this week only, until we run it again. 

Not on Facebook?  No problem, use this direct link (Sorry, the e-course is now closed.  Stay tuned for future opportunities to participate!) to view it even if you aren’t a FB member!  

Essential Oils Class What Is In It For Me

Why I Love Essential Oils

Why I Love Essential Oils

I’ve got to say, sometimes it is the little things in life that really surprise you.

I entered into this journey with essential oils as a skeptic, and as strange as it may sound, I truly LOVE them now.  Not only love how they work, but I have such a profound respect for the work that goes into them, and the provision of our creator to put these treasures in His creation for us to discover and use.

So let me share with you the things that I LOVE about essential oils.

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DIY Non-Toxic Hair Detangler and Leave in Conditioner

DIY Hair Detangling SprayI don’t know about you, but I have a child whose hair, in its natural state looks like THIS ^^.

Oh yeah.  It is a tangled mess.  And every little baby fine strand gets completely mussed up MANY times a day.  So, it’s either a lot of screaming with a comb, or we use the spray detangler.  But have you ever priced that stuff?  When you’re using it ALL THE TIME, to keep from cutting large knots out of your child’s hair, it can get pricey!  Not to mention, you sort of wonder what is in it?

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Are Your Essential Oils Adulterated?

Adulterated Essential Oils

It is a dirty little secret in the natural health industry, but essential oil adulteration is a widespread practice.

Adulteration can mean many things, but basically, it is adding anything to an essential oil that is not intrinsically part of it without disclosing the addition.  It doesn’t matter whether the item being added is another natural compound or harmless chemical, if it isn’t disclosed then it is adulterated.

How common is adulterating?  You will be shocked, but it is RAMPANT in essential oils imported to the United States.  According to Kurt Schnaubelt, PhD. in his textbook “Aromatherapy Course, Third Edition” from the Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy (page I-29):

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Household Hack: Potty Training

Potty Training OrganizationThis post is brought to you by my two-year old daughter’s decision to spontaneously decide to potty train!  I know, I know, I should thank my lucky stars that I didn’t have to drag her kicking and screaming to it, but it is a very non-glamorous story that involves spontaneous diaper removals and a lot of rug cleaning.

Ok, one of my husband’s major pet peeves is when stuff is just left where it last fell.  I can usually deal with that ok, but NOT in the bathroom.  There is just something about our little bathroom that makes me twitch when I see things covering the floor, or any possible flat surface.  The potty seat particularly drove me mad.  There was just no reasonable way to put it away.

Then, a stroke of inspiration.

We live in a rental now and were specifically asked not to use any hooks or screws on the walls in the house. So, enter the Command Hook! (Don’t know what a command hook is?  Check it out!)

Let’s be honest, there is no way to keep those little potty seats from just getting left on the floor.  But, if you hang a Command Hook where the toddler can reach, you can train him or her to hang the potty seat up when they finish.

Check out what we did:

Potty Seat

How about you? Do you have any household organization hacks you’d like to share?

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