In Which I Saw Myself

I See Myself

Do you remember that stunning moment of clarity when you finally SAW yourself?

I mean REALLY saw yourself?

I don’t mean when you perused yourself in the mirror, inspecting make up and plucking stray hairs.  I don’t even mean checking to see whether you’ve brushed your hair since being up with the baby since five.  I am asking, when did you SEE yourself last?

I am 32 years old and I finally saw myself for the first time.

And for the first time in my life, I truly liked what I saw.

Standing there in the shower, letting the chlorine-brine of swimming lessons and the sweat of summer days roll off me I saw what the measure of this “earth suit” is.  This body is just a house for my soul, and it has housed me well.

It is a body constantly changing, with the growth and birth of five children.  Each stretch mark bears a silent witness to a moment when my body held a small growing person, a little soul sent this side of heaven for me to house.  Two of those babies still snuggle against this body, and for three others, this body was their only earthly cradle.  Oh, I am so thankful for it.

In this body I held the children who I’ll never hold again this side of heaven.  How could I ever look at it with anything other than wonder?  With gratitude for its love and tenderness?

This body, with it’s sagging parts, cradled sleepy infants in the dark parts of the night, giving them every life sustaining meal.  They sought me for comfort, for love, for belonging.  This body of mine was their world.

Even now I still quietly steal into their rooms and watch them breathe, small chests rising up and down.  Half me.  Completely beautiful.

In the stillness of the nights, when I hear the quiet sounds of my toddler daughter slipping into our bed again, and snuggling close, I remember, THIS is love.

Not the dieting, the self-recrimination, the selling short of the wonders of what this body has done: What I have done.

What I still do.

These hands comfort, they heal, they nourish, they bring tickles and cuddles and LOVE.

This tummy, with its loose skin, is the perfect place for toddler raspberries, and tickle wars and belly laughs.

This mind tackles the never ending complexities of changing food allergies.  This mind has figured out endless numbers of ways to stretch every dollar so that the work done for our family was not wasted.  It has driven me to research health and wellness and to improve our way of life in whatever ways that I could.

These eyes cry with the friends going through difficult times, and these arms have been full of fellow life-travelers broken by grief.  This heart has been shattered over the pain of others, whether the sorrows of childhood or the agonies of adulthood.

I am beautiful.  I am worthy.  I am valuable.

And you are too.

You have my permission to see yourself for who you truly are.  For what those who love you see.

Beautiful.  You deserve another look.

Essential Oil Pain Rub Recipe

Essential Oil Pain Rub

Poor guy

Late last week my husband did a number on his upper back and one shoulder.  To say that he works hard is an understatement.  Pretty much every day is a study in new ways to contort himself and lift things much to heavy to be lifted.  He is a rock-star!  But it does take a toll on his body at times.

He is a pretty good patient, so he was willing to let me try different essential oil options until we found the “sweet spot”.  His shoulder was hurting badly enough that just the weigh of letting it naturally hang down at his side caused radiating nerve pain, pain the shoulder joint, and muscle pain in the mid back.

After much experimenting I stumbled across an over the counter muscle rub cream that we had hanging around from our “‘pre-oil” days and took a look at the ingredients.  The active ingredients were synthetic versions of methyl salicylate, menthol, and camphor.

A more natural alternative

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Spotlight on Valor Blend Essential Oil and a Giveaway!

Spotlight on Valor Essential Oil

Now that I am back from the 20th Anniversary Young Living Convention, I think it is time to get back in the swing of things and move along with our spotlighting of the next essential oil in our Everyday Oils: Valor Blend!

Valor Blend Essential Oil is hands down my favorite oil of all time because of what it does for me.  It smells amazing.  I really mean it, AMAZING.  But it has proven to be a must have oil in my natural medicine cabinet for a lot of reasons.  I’ll share just a few uses I’ve found:

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Favorites Friday: Cel-Lite Magic Massage Oil

Every Friday I’ll be sharing the Young Living products that I am actually using AND loving right now.  I’ll also share how I am using them, so make sure you check back each Friday!

Also, please comment and share what YOUR favorites are right now!

Check out more information about Cel-Lite Magic Massage Oil.

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*The Information given in this video is a personal testimony.


How Do I Get those Oils out of the Bottle?

Ok, if you are anything like me, there are just some essential oils that WON’T. COME. OUT. OF. THE. BOTTLE

And if you are anything like me, you may have bumped, tapped, smacked or banged the bottle in an attempt to get that oil out.  All with no success.

Well, if you haven’t done that, or even if you have, I am here to share a simple tip that will save you wasted oil, and wasted time.  It is MUCH easier to get essential oils out of the bottle than I previously thought.  So check out this brief video!

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KidScents Essential Oils for KIDS!

Kidscents VideoWe’ve used essential oils with our kids for several years now, and now there are oils that take the guess work out of what oil to use with the youngest members of the family.  KidScents Essential Oil blends are pre-diluted and formulated to be safe straight from the bottle for the kids among us!

Check out Dmitri as he tells all about his experience with these new oils!

The KidScents Blends are:

  • GeneYus  Designed to help with focus and mental support.  I can see this blend coming in VERY handy come school time!

  • Owie  Got a boo boo?  Grab Owie!  Puts a smile back on my kids face right away.

  • TummyGize  Tummy troubles are no trouble with this digestive support blend.  We’ve used it for anything from nausea from sickness to nausea from nerves and seen great success.

  • SniffleEase  Need respiratory support? Grab SniffleEase!  Designed to help when the latest cold is going around!

  • SleepyIze  Little (or not so little) one fighting sleep?  SleepyIze to the rescue!

  • Bite Buster  Outdoors is fun, but bug bites are not!  Try Bite Buster when the bugs are bugging!

  • The set of 6 KidScents Oil Blends also comes with two AromaGlide roller ball fitments that can transform any of the bottles into a roller top bottle.  Since the oils are already pre-diluted to a safe level for kids between the ages of 2-12 you can simply roll on any of the oils when desired.  They do recommend, though, that Owie and TummyGize will likely be the ones that you would want to use the roller fitments for.

    Can these oils be used for children under two?  The source I heard from said yes, you just may want to dilute a little bit more than the blends are already.  When in doubt, always follow reliable guidelines for children.

    Would you like to get your own set of KidScents Oils? 

Get them at a discount with any Young Living Discount Account


Obligatory Disclaimer: This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.


She Just Came for the Food: Rebecca’s Story

She just came for the food

I get to work with WONDERFUL people.  It is so gratifying to hear the stories of people who have been introduced to Young Living’s essential oils and have seen very real change in their lives.  I also have a special place in my heart for converted skeptics, because I started out as a skeptic too.

Rebecca graciously offered to let me re-post her story here for you to enjoy.  She was at my very first Intro to Essential Oils class, and I just now got to hear the “story behind the story.”  It is originally posted on her blog Oil of Gladness: Better Living through Young Living Essential Oils.  She is adding new information regularly, so I encourage you to follow her!

So without further ado, here is Rebecca’s story!

“I used to spend a lot of nights on the couch.  It wasn’t because my husband and I had a fight or because our bed was small.  I hiked myself out to the couch with my pillow and a spare blanket almost every night because my husband snored.  Not just snored, mind you, but produced such an irregular variety of noises, beats and tempos, at such volume, that it would wake me out of a sound sleep.  The snoring wasn’t all, though.  He also kicked.  His legs would kick and twitch violently enough to shake the whole bed, despite a solid bed frame.  In the morning, he would wake exhausted, and I wasn’t in too good a mood either.  The couch wasn’t that comfortable.

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How I Store Essential Oils

How I store Essential Oils

How should essential oils be stored?

As you start to accumulate essential oils, you may start to wonder, what should I do to store them?  If you comb the internet, you will find conflicting advice about how to properly store essential oils so that they do not lose effectiveness and freshness.  Some things are pretty standard, for instance, essential oils should be stored in dark glass, as light can damage the delicate properties of the essential oils, and some essential oils can digest plastics when stored in them long-term.

Where we start to run into some conflict is over temperature and preservation.  The most conservative among essential oil resources suggest storing essential oils in refrigeration and replacing them every six months because of potential loss of effectiveness.  It is worth knowing that a genuine essential oil cannot spoil or lose effectiveness when stored at a moderate room temperature.  In other words, if your home is comfortable enough for you to live in it, you can store your essential oils in it without special accomodations.

Genuine Essential Oils Don’t Expire

Did you know that genuine essential oils do not expire?  In an oil where there is nothing but the pure botanical extract there is no water to invite bacterial growth, nor is there any materials that can go rancid or oxidize.  If you see an expiration date on a bottle of oil, you can rest assured, it is not because of the oil, so you should wonder what in the bottle may spoil?

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Young Living Difference #1–Our CEO Rides a Tractor!

Gary Young, founder and CEO of Young Living, isn’t just a guy sitting in an office, and he certainly isn’t just a figurehead. In fact, he spends just as much time in the fields (maybe even more) as he does behind a desk. In fact, just last week he was scouting out new possibilities for a TENTH Young Living farm.

Check out this video of Gary running the tractor at Young Living’s France Lavender farm:

Gary on a tractor at our farm in France from Young Living on Vimeo.

And check out this video of the recent Tansy Harvest! You’ll see Gary in a vest and trucker cap driving a truck!

This is just the first thing that sets Young Living apart from their competitors! Stay tuned for future posts!


Want to read the big huge post with all the nitty, gritty, scientific details of why Young Living’s Seed to Seal process is so radically different?  Check it out!