Using Essential Oils with Kids? Don’t Make These Mistakes!   Recently updated !

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!Using essential oils with kids? Don’t make these mistakes! There seem to be  two sides to the equation of using essential oils with children.  On one hand, you have some parents who are so afraid of essential oils that they […]

using essential oils with kids

Anti-Stink Spray

The Best DIY Anti-Stink Spray–Mom Tested! 2

The Best Homemade Anti-Stink Spray I have had many reasons to need anti-stink spray in my house!  None of those silly sprays that just cover up odors, though.  I want something that busts those smells and gets rid of them. Oh, and without toxic chemicals.  Can we do that?  Oh, you know we can! Now, […]

How to Stop Eating Ants in 1 Simple Step

How to Stop Eating Ants in 1 Simple Step I ate ants when I was 22. A lot of ants.  Spoonful after spoonful of them. Now, now, before you freak out, you have to hear the story first. Ok?  Then you can freak out if you want, you have my permission. Ok, back to the […]

How to Stop Eating Ants

Why I Don't Forget About Wet Laundry

Why I Don’t Care if I Forget About Wet Laundry 1

Forgetting laundry in the washer stinks.  Quite literally. But I just don’t care as much as I used to.  At all. Do you forget your laundry in the washer like I do?  Oh my word, I do it A LOT!  I always mean to remember to throw them in the dryer right away, but seem […]

Miscarriage–Sometimes Knowing “Why” Is Not Better 1

Is it better to know why I miscarried? A few weeks ago I shared that I was expecting for the sixth time, and that I had three miscarriages in the past.  Unfortunately, in the meantime, I lost this most recent baby, too.  That makes four total miscarriages for me.  As horribly sad as that is, I have learned […]

Pregnancy Loss Sometimes Knowing Why is not Better

3 essential oils every mom needs

Three Essential Oil Blends Every Mom Needs

Three Essential Oils That Every Mom Needs One of my absolute favorite things that I use essential oils is to help my kids and husband.  It’s so much more than just the health and wellness aspect of the oils, although that is not a small thing.  I have found oils are the answer to concerns that […]

How to Avoid Making the Top Essential Oil Mistakes–Part Two

How to Avoid Making the Top Essential Oil Mistakes–Part Two Last time we talked about the first two of the most common essential oil mistakes that people make, and this week we’re tackling two more!  To read the first week click here. Ready to dig into some more top mistakes?  Do you use oils when you are […]

How to Avoid Top Essential Oil Mistakes Part 2

5 essential oil products that make air travel better

5 Essential Oil Products That Make Air Travel Better

Air travelers know, plane trips can save a lot of time, but aren’t always issue free.  I recently made a trip in under four hours that would have taken me four days by car, so I LOVE the convenience of flying. What else I also love is that I can use some of my favorite Young Living […]

How to Avoid Making the Top Essential Oil Mistakes–Part One

Top Essential Oil Mistakes and How to Avoid Them–Part One Starting a new journey with essential oils can involve a bit of a learning curve.  Not everyone makes these mistakes, but enough do that you may want to follow this series.  I’ll be sharing the mistakes I see people make (and that I have made) and […]

How To Avoid Essential Oil Mistakes Part ONE

How to Lose Facebook Friends by Overpromoting your Home Business

How to Lose Facebook Friends By Over-Promoting Your Home Business

How To Lose Facebook Friends By Over-Promoting your Home Business We’re starting a new category on the blog today!  I’ll be launching the Mom-Mogul section of the blog.  My home business is continuing to grow rapidly and these are the same things that I am sharing with my team.  I thought some of you lovely […]