Are Young Living Essential Oils Certified Organic

Are Young Living’s Essential Oils Organic?   Recently updated !

In the grand scheme of things there are a lot of very good questions being asked about essential oils and their comparative qualities.  One such question that is frequently asked is: Are Young Living’s essential oils certified organic? It is worth knowing right up front that there are no regulations specifically targeting essential oils in […]

Essential Oils’ True Identities Revealed! 1   Recently updated !

You may have noticed, that in some circles essential oils have suddenly gone underground.  They’ve sort of gone dark like Bruce Wayne on an extended vacation.  There’s been some tiptoeing going on around what they can and can’t do.  But I am proud to reveal that in the time they’ve been inside their fortress of […]

Spiderman Frankincense

French Aromatherapy Pinterest

French Aromatherapy: The Awkward Truth   Recently updated !

Ok, let’s just get one thing straight right out of the gate.  I don’t do hype.  I just don’t.  But for some reason there is a great deal of hype and emotion involved with the discussion of essential oils, particularly essential oils that come from network marketing companies. It. Is. Silly. Unfortunately, there are some people […]

Can Thieves Cleaner Clean this Tough Carpet Stain?   Recently updated !

PIN THIS POST I don’t know about you, but I am always looking for safer cleaners.  The difficulty is, most of them don’t work very well.  Or if they work they only work for very specific tasks. So you need an all purpose spray, and a glass cleaner, and a de-greaser, and a tub cleaner, and a carpet […]

Can Thieves Clean It Carpet Stain

Essential Oils Silence Graphic 1

Drama in Essential Oil Land 4   Recently updated !

PIN THIS POST So if you follow the essential oil news much, you have likely heard about the FDA cracking down on doTerra and Young Living, both prominent sellers of essential oils,  over the way some of their independent distributors were promoting their products.  Haven’t read that story yet?  Check out one explanation. It is probably […]

Recipe: Guilt Free Cake Batter Shake

Ok, so it’s been a while since I’ve put together any recipes for a low sugar lifestyle, but I am finally back in the saddle of Trim Healthy Mama since my recent loss.  It feels good to be back, eating a wide variety of tasty food, and enjoy treats that satisfy my sweet tooth, without […]

Cake Batter Shake Pinterest

Why I Ignore the Essential Oil Wars

Why I Ignore the “Essential Oil Wars”   Recently updated !

PIN THIS POST It is no secret that I love Young Living Essential Oils. It is also no secret that there are other companies of assorted sizes and perceived qualities that compete with Young Living. And also, it’s not a secret that a great many people like to play up the conflict between companies. I want […]

Have a Happi(er) Period with Essential Oils

PIN THIS POST Ok guys, I’ll give you a day off.  Especially if you are a male family member.  If you don’t want your brain cells scarred by lady stuff, then I suggest you pass on this one. Ladies?  Stick around, because if you are like most women, we all have a visitor once a month […]

Bad Mood Buster Diffuser Blend

The True Dangers of Essential Oils

The True Dangers of Essential Oils   Recently updated !

The longer I am a part of the world of aromatherapy the more often I see articles that circulate dire warning of the perils of using essential oils “improperly”.  These articles paint terrible scenarios, brandish some scientific studies, and turn the even slightly wary heart firmly against the use of essential oils. Essential oils, portrayed the way […]