My Ultimate Essential Oil Sleep Blend + 4 Ways to Use It

Looking to have a great night's sleep? Try my favorite essential oil sleep blend!

Over the last year I’ve been very busy.  I’ve been bouncing between projects, business, and family.  Somewhere in that mix I decided to add aromatherapy certification to the mix, which has been very fun, but time consuming.

At the end of the day that means that I’m tired, but have a whole lot on my mind.  I’m a thinker so it’s hard for me to be able to quiet my mind and wind down for bed.

Because I don’t really have a “shut off” switch for my brain, I turned to my essential oils for some help.

With some tinkering, blending and researching I came up with what I think is my favorite essential oil sleep blend of all time.

In fact, the first night I diffused it my husband and I were watching one of our favorite shows.  That is until I drifted off ten minutes into the first episode!

So suffice it to say it works, it smells great, and I use it a lot.

What’s in this essential oil sleep blend?

The oils:

Ylang Ylang (Cananga odorata)–Ylang ylang is famous for its sweet and soothing aroma.  The relaxing smell makes it a favorite for massage oils for romance and for winding down.

Clary Sage (Salvia sclarea)–The aroma of clary sage is pretty assertive and herbal.  However, it works in this blend because it synergizes well with the other oils and is famous for its calming aroma.  It has aromatic benefits especially for women, so that works for me!

Grapefruit (Citrus x paradisi)–Grapefruit may seem like a strange choice for a sleep blend, but it works nicely here because it is paired with so many relaxing oils.  The bright citrus aroma inspires feelings of peace and calm, which are definitely good for sleep.

Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia)–Lavender is well known for helping to relax and support sleep.  The floral aroma with some grassy overtones is perfect for bedtime, nap time, or anytime you want to relax.

Frankincense (Boswellia carterri)–The spicy fragrance of frankincense essential oil is a favorite for feelings of deep focus and meditation.  Being able to relax my mind and stimulate feelings of expansive, relaxed breathing space is why I included frankincense in this blend.

What does it smell like?

It’s a mellow, sweet, smooth aroma.  It’s complex enough to be interesting but not complicated enough to make you think about it.  The different essential oils harmonize together to create one cohesive, relaxing blend.

Make the blend:

  • Lavender essential oil-23 drops
  • Grapefruit essential oil-22 drops
  • Frankincense essential oil-20 drops
  • Ylang Ylang essential oil-12 drops
  • Clary Sage essential oil-6 drops
  1. Drop these essential oils into a clean, empty essential oil bottle.
  2. Cap the bottle and gently swirl the oils to combine.
  3. Label the bottle with the blend ingredients.
  4. Allow to sit for 30 minutes to mellow and synergize before using.

*As with my other projects, I have tested this with Young Living Essential Oils, and that is the brand that I exclusively recommend.

4 Ways to Use My Ultimate Essential Oil Sleep Blend:

Diffuse It!

Ultimate essential oil sleep blend diffuser

Diffusing this essential oil blend is probably the easiest way to use it to relax and unwind for bed.  I highly recommend that you start diffusing about 30 minutes before you’d like to be asleep.  So fire up the diffuser while you relax with a good book, then turn out the lights and go to sleep.

Depending on the size of your bedroom you could use as few as 6 drops of the pre-made essential oil sleep blend in your diffuser.  If you have a much larger room, or sleep with windows open, you may want to use 12 drops of the blend.

Have a Neck and Shoulder Massage

Ultimate essential oil sleep blend massage oil

Giving yourself (or if you’re lucky enough to have someone do it for you) a neck and shoulder massage is a simple way to unwind at the end of the day.

It is even simple to put together the massage oil blend to do it.  Giving yourself a neck and shoulder massage doesn’t have to be complicated either.  You simply apply a small amount of the massage oil to your neck and gently massage it in.  You can learn how to give a more involved self-massage by watching great tutorials on YouTube, but what matters is mostly getting the essential oils on your skin.

Here’s the way to make your sleep blend infused massage oil:

  1. Add 30 drops of the essential oil sleep blend to a clean 1 ounce glass bottle.
  2. Fill the rest of the way with a carrier oil like sweet almond oil, or the V6 massage oil blend from Young Living.
  3. Cap and gently shake to combine.
  4. Label and use as needed.

Take a Relaxing Bath

Ultimate essential oil sleep blend in the bath

If you have some time to invest in winding down, a bath is one of the best ways to relax.  Mixing this relaxing blend of essential oils and Epsom Salts is a great way to get the benefits from the oils, and the relaxation from the magnesium in the salts.  Double win!

Here’s how to get your bath ready:

  1. Combine 8-10 drops of the essential oil bend with 1 cup of Epsom Salts.
  2. Draw your bath and get in.
  3. Once you are in the bath mix the Epsom salts into the water.
  4. Relax and enjoy!

Note:  Adding the Epsom salt and essential oil mixture after you are already in the bath protects your delicate personal areas from irritation.

Make a Pillow Spray

Ulitimate essential oil sleep blend in a pillow spray

Pillow sprays are easy to use, and work very well.  It only takes a small extra step to turn the blend into a sweet sleep spray.

Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  1. Add 10-15 drops of the essential oil sleep blend into a 2 oz. glass spray bottle
  2. Fill the bottle the rest of the way with distilled water.
  3. Shake before use and spray as desired over your pillows before sleep.

So tell me

Once you’ve had a chance to try out this essential oil blend, come back and let me know what you thought!  Which way did you use the blend?  Did you use it in a different way? Let me know.

In the meantime, feel free to share this article with a friend or two!  The more the merrier.

Simple DIY Waterless Hand Cleaner

This waterless hand cleaner is the perfect natural alternative to harsh options that contain alcohol. Simple to make and perfect for kids and adults!

Now that it’s almost time to go back to school, we’ve been gearing up with all sorts of school supplies.  Even though we homeschool our family, we still take advantage of the best deals on school supplies.

We also take the opportunity to stock up on our wellness supplies this time of year, too!

For years and years we carried harsh alcohol based hand cleaners with us.  There was always one in the diaper bag, a back pocket, or my purse.  

You never quite know when your hands, or your child’s hands may need to be cleaned!

I never appreciated the sticky feeling of the alcohol based gels, either.  Not to mention how dry our hands would feel if we used them often.

Maybe you’ve felt the same way?

Thankfully I discovered this simple hand cleaner option that uses aloe as the base and essential oils to clean!

Simple DIY Waterless Hand Cleaner

I love this waterless hand cleaner so much because it is so kind to my skin.  I also love how well it works.

I’ve got a bottle of the Thieves infused cleaner in my purse and the Fresh Hands Blend in my kitchen.

Here’s some of the awesome things I’ve noticed since we started using this type of hand cleaner:

  • No more dry or sticky feeling hands.
  • The hand cleaner completely absorbs.
  • It leaves my hands looking and feeling very clean.
  • Tough hand smells are a thing of the past.  I can use this after slicing onions, garlic, or preparing fish and it helps take away the smell.
  • It’s just so super simple to make.

DIY Waterless Hand Cleaner Recipes

This waterless hand cleaner is the perfect natural alternative to harsh options that contain alcohol. Simple to make and perfect for kids and adults!

Thieves DIY Waterless Hand Cleaner

Supply list:


  1. Add 20-40 drops of Thieves essential oil blend to the PET plastic bottle. (Adjust the strength of your waterless hand cleaner to your family’s needs and ages.)
  2. Fill the bottle the rest of the way with the aloe vera gel, leaving some head space in the bottle.
  3. Shake vigorously to combine the essential oils and aloe.
  4. Label with ingredients and use.

This waterless hand cleaner is the perfect natural alternative to harsh options that contain alcohol. Simple to make and perfect for kids and adults!

Fresh Hands Blend DIY Waterless Hand Cleaner

Supply list:


  1. Blend 7 drops Lemon essential oil, 7 drops Lavender essential oil, and 5 drops Tea Tree essential oil in the bottom of a PET plastic bottle.  (You may increase the oils to 14 drops Lemon, 15 drops Lavender, and 10 drops Tea Tree if you wish it to be more potent.)
  2. Fill the bottle the rest of the way with the aloe vera gel, leaving some head space in the bottle.
  3. Shake vigorously to combine the essential oils and aloe.
  4. Label with ingredients and use.

 Get a copy of the Instructions HERE

Tell me, what version will you make first?  Do you think you’d try other essential oil combos or blends?  I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments!

This waterless hand cleaner is the perfect natural alternative to harsh options that contain alcohol. Simple to make and perfect for kids and adults!

4 Ways to Scent Laundry with Essential Oils

Do you know how to scent laundry with essential oils? Safe, non-toxic and smells great! 4 simple methods you can use to do it yourself!

I used to love to heavily scent my laundry.  I’d get the prettiest smelling laundry detergent and then I’d add in the most flowery dryer sheet on top of that!

To me, fragrance equaled clean.

As I began to learn more about what synthetic fragrances can do to the body, I knew I had to make a big change.  I got serious about that change when my daughter started to get eczema.

I knew that with one child with serious food allergies and another with eczema that I had to do something.

I found out that those pretty fragrances I was using were actually really bad for my family!

In fact artificially scented products are one of the leading causes of indoor air pollution.  Did you know that?  I didn’t!

Did you know that in most of the country, the air quality in your home is worse than the air quality outside your front door?  YIKES!  That freaked me out.  

So one of the first things that had to go was the scented laundry products.

But I’m just going to be honest with you, this girl still loves nice smells!  So what’s a girl who’s making natural choices for her family to do?

As with all things, I thought “maybe I could use essential oils!”  And so I did!

Here are 4 different ways that you can scent laundry with essential oils:

Scent Laundry with Essential Oils In the Dryer

I’m starting with possibilities for the clothes dryer because unless you are using heavily perfumed washing detergents, the scent won’t last from the washer.  Using a natural product like essential oils in the dryer can be tricky too.  Using essential oils on a lower heat setting or using very strong aromas will give you the best results.  Delicate aromas will be overcome by the dryer or destroyed by the high heat.

So when using essential oils in the dryer the two keys are:

  1. Lower heat
  2. Stronger aromatic oils (or more drops of less fragrant oils)

Either way, you won’t get the punch in the face strength of a commercial scented product.  So if you’re OK with a lighter scent, you’ll be good!

Method 1:  Add Essential Oils to Wool Dryer Balls

Use wool dryer balls to scent your laundry with essential oils

I like to use wool dryer balls instead of liquid fabric softener or dryer sheets.  Not only are they cheaper (because they’re reusable) but they are non-toxic.  (Check out the score of your dryer sheets here.)  They also do a great job of softening my clothes naturally.

It’s also really easy to use them to scent your laundry with essential oils.  Just drop several drops of your favorite oil on the dryer balls and then dry on low heat.  You’ll want to experiment with different essential oils and different amounts.  You’ll find the perfect amount to get your laundry fresh smelling.

Oh, and if your dryer balls pill up after a bit, don’t worry about it.  Being a little pilly doesn’t change how well they dry or scent your clothes!

Method 2: Add Essential Oils to a Damp Washcloth

scent laundry with essential oils using a damp cloth

Maybe you don’t have wool dryer balls, that’s OK.  This method is similar to the one above, but won’t soften your clothes.  But your clothes will smell nice.

All you need to do is get a washcloth or small towel and dampen it some.  Add your essential oils to it, adjusting amounts to your preference.  Then toss it in your dryer and let it scent your clothes.

Scent Laundry with Essential Oils in Your Drawer or Closet

Usually I want a bit more than just the dryer method.  That’s why I use oils in my closet and in my drawers.  I find that putting them directly into the drawer does a better job infusing the aroma into the clothing.

You’ll need to add more essential oils from time to time, though, because essential oils evaporate.

Method 1:  Add Essential Oils to a Cotton Ball or Cotton Round

fragrance your laundry with cotton balls

This is a very easy way to get more natural aroma into your clothes.  Just grab a cotton ball or cotton pad and add your essential oil to it.  Then tuck several into each drawer for the scent you want.

You’ll need to refresh the cotton balls from time to time, but it’s pretty easy to keep your laundry smelling great!

Method 2:  Use Essential Oil Infused Bar Soap

scent laundry with scented soap

I actually learned this tip from my husband.  When we first got married he used to put little bars of scented soap in his drawers.  They were always neatly wrapped in a sock to keep the soap off of his clothes.  His laundry, for the record, always smelled fresh.

So when I realized that I could use essential oil scented soap, I gave it a try!  Instead of using a whole bar of soap, I cut it into smaller mini-bars.  Instead of putting them inside a sock, I put them into a clean knee-high stocking.  That keeps the soap off the clothes, but let’s the aroma out.

Over time, they will become less fragrant.  Then you can either refresh them by adding more oils, or just use them to wash.  Personally, I just wash with them because I like to use different essential oil scented soaps to change-up my laundry scents.

Bonus Tip:
You can actually use both of these methods together for extra aroma.  If you put a cotton ball inside the knee-high with the soap, you get the best of both worlds.  You’ll have the long release fragrance from the soap, and you can add oils to the cotton pad to boost the aroma.  Win, win I say!

Would you rather use a linen spray?

I know that sometimes I want to add some freshness to my towels or to my bed sheets before I put them away.  I’ll even spray my hanging clothes in the closet, too.  My favorite thing to do for that is to use a hydrosol.

A hydrosol is the aromatic waters that are a byproduct of essential oil distillation.  They are beautifully fragrant and gentle.  You can buy them in spray bottles and just mist your linens for a beautiful, aromatic fragrance.

My two personal hydrosols for spraying linen are Lavender Hydrosol (Lavandula angustifoilia) and Rose Hydrosol (Rose centifolia).

Do I miss the heavy fragrances?

In a word, no!  I’ve found that with time I no longer needed to have overly scented clothes.  I started to really be able to appreciate the natural gentleness of essential oils.

And I really appreciated that my family still smelled good and was safer to boot.

Essential oils for the win!

Tell me, if you’ve ever tried essential oils before, what essential oil would you use to fragrance your laundry?  Share with me in the comments.

Do you know how to scent laundry with essential oils? Safe, non-toxic and smells great! 4 simple methods you can use to do it yourself!

Make Your Own DIY Wet Jet Mop with Non Toxic Cleaner!

Looking for a simple switch from the toxic wet jet mops? A simple DIY wet jet mop with nontoxic cleaner tutorial!

Do you ever wonder what is in your cleaning products?  No?

Me either!

I never gave them a second thought until my youngest child was born.  Before that I just used what worked, was the cheapest, and got the job done the fastest.

It never crossed my mind before she started to get eczema at about two months old.  Once I saw that and I began investigating potential eczema triggers, I knew we had to make a change.

At the time both of our kids were very young and I needed to clean up fast.  There was no time to haul out a mop bucket and wait for the floor to dry.

Have you ever tried to keep a toddler off a freshly mopped floor?  No bueno.

We used a disposable mopping system for everything back then!  I had no idea of the chemicals in them until I started to look deeper.

When I looked I found out that my mop contained all sorts of terrible chemicals.  Things like:

  • METHYLCHLOROISOTHIAZOLINONE: a skin sensitizer and environmental toxin
  • METHYLISOTHIAZOLINONE: toxic to aquatic life and a skin sensitizer
  • DIALKYL DIMETHYL AMMONIUM CHLORIDES (DDAC):  allergenic and a potential asthma trigger
  • and a lot more yuck!

Sounds like something you’d want to use around your kids, right?  Nope, me either!

Check your own cleaners here.

That’s when I started to look into non-toxic cleaners.  After trying a lot of DIY cleaning recipes and coming up short, my friend Sarah recommended the Thieves Household Cleaner concentrate.  And the rest is history, my friends!

But even though I had a non-toxic cleaner, I was back to using a mop bucket.  Not my favorite, and way less convenient than a mop system.

I was still wishing for the convenience of a disposable wet mop system, but without the toxins.

Then I found the solution!

My DIY Wet Jet Mop with Non Toxic Cleaner!

I have no idea why it took me so long to figure this out, but maybe you’ve know this forever.  If so, my hat goes off to you!

You’ve probably got a really clean kitchen (and bathroom, and floors in general)! *wink*

You can buy a refillable wet jet mop!

Seriously, I know!  I don’t know why I never thought to look for it, but it has simplified my floor mopping tremendously!

Most importantly, I can use my own cleaner!

So here’s how I did it.  Feel free to follow along!

1.  I started with this wet jet mop.

I picked this one because it comes with a washable microfiber mop pad, and you can wash it over 100 times!  That’s really green and easy enough to wash and re-use.  Plus it saves me a boatload of money.

I can also buy disposable pads (that also can be washed 5 times before I toss them) too.  It’s worth it to have that option, especially since some messes are just too gross to wash away.

Looking for a simple switch from the toxic wetjet mops? A simple DIY wet jet mop with nontoxic cleaner tutorial!

2.  Then I added my own cleaner!

I liked being able to pick my own cleaner for a couple of reasons.  First of all, I already clean almost everything with the Thieves cleaner, so it made sense to try this.  I love that it is free of toxic chemicals, is completely plant based, and is safe to use around my kids.

In fact, now that we put together this DIY wet jet mop, my 7 year old has started to help with the mopping!

Not to mention…I’m saving a boatload of money!  Did you know that the pre-mixed wet jet mop systems charge about $5 per bottle of cleaning solution?  YIKES!

I pay a little under a dollar for each refill of the cleaner bottle on this new mop!

Looking for a simple switch from the toxic wet jet mops? A simple DIY wet jet mop with nontoxic cleaner tutorial!

3.  It seriously takes 2 teaspoons!

For general mopping, the wet jet mop directions suggested adding 2 teaspoons of your own cleaner!  I’ve been happy with that amount for daily cleaning.  On days when I know I will be cleaning a tough mess, I add an extra teaspoon and it works great!  It gets all the stains from the bathroom or leftovers from meals that somehow make it to the floor.

Looking for a simple switch from the toxic wet jet mops? A simple DIY wet jet mop with nontoxic cleaner tutorial!

4.  Fill the bottle the rest of the way with water and mop!

It really is that simple!  When you’re done mopping toss the microfiber pad in the wash and it will be ready the next time you need to mop.

This has been perfect in our kitchen and bathrooms, all of which are very small and have hard to reach spaces.  The floors have been very clean and it is just as easy as using the commercially made wet jet mop systems!

And I know I mentioned this earlier…but my oldest is mopping now!

That’s enough reason all by itself.


Looking for a simple switch from the toxic wetjet mops? A simple DIY wet jet mop with nontoxic cleaner tutorial!

Refreshing Summer Lime Agua Fresca Recipe

This cold, delicious lime agua fresca recipe is the perfect way to cool down on a hot day!

Baby, it’s hot outside!

We just celebrated Independence day and wow was it hot!  So hot in fact that I was already thinking a little longingly towards fall!

It cracked me up because I always prefer the weather of any season but the one we’re in at the time.  I bet that when fall comes that I’ll be a bit nostalgic for summer.

But until then,  I decided that a cold drink was in order.  This refreshing lime agua fresca recipe is just the ticket.

This has been one of my favorite new creations this summer.  I shared it with my friend Sarah and she told me it is great with tacos!  I think its great with anything!

What’s an Agua Fresca?

Agua frescas are a popular drink in Latin America!  It’s typically fruit blended with water to make a light infused water.

Now if you’ve never had an agua fresca, you’ll want to know something.  It’s not intensely fruity like a smoothie.  It is more like an infused water: light and refreshing but not overpowering.  That’s what makes it perfect as a warm day drink.

The Lime Agua Fresca is very easy to make.  Check out the video below!

What do you need?

So delicious and fresh!  I love this recipe so much.  You can try swapping out your favorite fruits and food appropriate essential oils to make delicious flavor combos.

Try swapping watermelon for cantaloupe or honeydew.  Swap frozen strawberries for frozen mango or pineapple.  Experiment with other citrus essential oils.  You’ll find that this recipe is so versatile!

Ready for the agua fresca recipe?

Here you go!

Refreshing Summer Lime Agua Fresca Recipe
Recipe type: Drinks
Cuisine: American
Serves: 2
Prep time:
Total time:
This cold, delicious lime agua fresca recipe is the perfect way to cool down on a hot day!
  • 1 cup frozen strawberries
  • 1 cup cubed watermelon
  • 2 cups water
  • 1 TBSP honey or maple syrup (or pure stevia to taste)
  • 4 drops Lime Essential Oil (I recommend Lime Vitality from Young Living)
  1. Combine all ingredients in a blender and blend!
  2. Serve in a chilled glass and enjoy!

Have you ever tried agua fresca?  What type did you have?  Share in the comments!

This cold, delicious lime agua fresca recipe is the perfect way to cool down on a hot day!